Think tanks the jump to guess Japan will play a decisive role

America think tank if Japan will jump to guess Sino US war play a "decisive role" data figure: SDF warships original title: American think tank China Japan will jump to guess if war play a "decisive role" according to Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" reported on September 17th, in the "war" and Chinese issued a research report titled already caused a huge people in Washington’s response strategy. As stated in the title, the purpose of the report is to point out that there is a real possibility of war after a thorough investigation of the possibility of the war between the United States and china. From first to last and Japan will be in this war play an important role decisive, Japan should advance the understanding of this point. The 120 page report written by the U.S. Army commissioned by the American Rand Co, to spend quite a long time after the end of July this year to complete. The report cited a huge amount of data, based on the wisdom and experience of the highest level of expert team, summed up the results of the survey and forecast. The conclusion is that before 2025, there was a danger of war between the United States and china. Prior to the introduction of such a report, most of the views of Japan seems to be the United States and the United States will break the war point of view negative attitude. But to investigate the possibility of war in order to prevent war is the most common security research in the United states. But the report’s subtitle is just "think the unthinkable". Having said that, but the United States and China, which also have nuclear weapons and a wide range of areas of economic cooperation, will really fight? A report on this point, neither fight ahead of a good decision of full-scale war, but from the current deployment of large-scale military forces in the region a serious confrontation of reality, there is indeed a lot because of "accidental" and "accident" and "false" as a result of the attack suffered in pre emptive inducement. The report also warned that the war that lasted for a few days to more than a year was not only "conceivable" but also realistic. But the report also predicted that the U.S. – China war will be limited to conventional weapons of war, the East and West Pacific as a battlefield, in the sea, air, space, cyberspace and other areas of conflict. The report lists several lead to violent conflict: an opportunity to China due to the outbreak of the conflict in the Diaoyu Islands in the South China Sea; Chinese on his country’s pressure; in the Exclusive Economic Zone Sea conflict occurred. In other words, the conflict between China and Japan due to the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands is one of the most likely cause of the war between the United States and china. But even more worrying for Japan is that the report refers to Japan’s role in the war between the United States and China, saying that Japan will play a decisive role in the operation". If China and the United States outbreak of large-scale war, the U.S. military bases in Japan are likely to be attacked, then Japan will automatically join the war between the United States and china. Although Chinese combat troops by 2025 will increase, but the Japanese submarines, surface ships, aircraft, missiles, intelligence surveillance reconnaissance capabilities will also be improved, and provide help for us to strengthen the comprehensive combat capability. All these assumptions mean that Japan will play a decisive role in guiding the United States to victory in the war with china. Any setting is a nightmare for serious peace in Japan today. But we should look directly at the u.s..相关的主题文章: