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They let the male vote lipstick   I have discovered the color – Fashion – original title straight love: they let the male vote lipstick I found straight favorite colors bring boys and girls to makeup you will make up the brain what picture? This is not the picture, right? Anyway, small series of eyes to let the boys to girls makeup, accurate is to let the male ticket to the girl makeup should be this feeling…… A period of Smecta program to make the ticket to the ticket lipstick as the theme, you can see what young painted a ribbon. Although this program and a lot of food, but Xiao Bian "I do not eat dog food can let users eat foods in the food at dead of night to finish this video for you to draw on. Let’s see you straight reaction: look at the girls’ reaction: of course straight and the girls choose the color of the color selected entry is larger and larger, such as a little bit of red color will be pass off. When the men finally ran out of the force, finally elected their satisfactory color: the next step is to launch food, finally we can pass out, I know you want to know what girls painted red, mouth is what it looks like. In fact, this color is close to the recently popular grapefruit color, no lipstick, lip color is pink and tender but also particularly good. (in fact, their love is straight, can not see the makeup.) n! There is a problem, you just see the video the girls wearing pink and tender super nature, you have not thought about you with what is the effect? For example, a long time ago Yang Zi accidentally became a counterexample…… Grapefruit color in fact is greatly reduced and the yellow skin contrast than pure orange color is relatively dark, so you can take advantage of the skin more bright, more color. Of course, if you are a natural white color for small public, grapefruit on your face will be very beautiful. And grapefruit color and color we Asians closer, so the face will not give makeup effect. But we must pay attention to the use of lipstick by back before installation, otherwise dry lip wrinkles will affect the perception, if the lipstick saturation is low it will make you look like you are a sick sick. [color] grapefruit you choose Innisfree water rhyme Ningcai lipstick tube 6 Clinique Color Lip Glaze small number: HAPPY POP color: Guerlain kisskiss lipstick color: 341 color: Shiseido porcelain glaze light Honey Lip Gloss OR303, mud love which one adorable grapefruit color? (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: