These acts are in the form of abuse of children, do not do – Sohu maternal and child dingxiangwuyuetian

These acts are in disguise child abuse, don’t do the maternal parenting – Sohu, I believe that many parents are wrong, the wrong behavior, if not promptly corrected, you of these acts is in child abuse, now, let’s take a look at what are these behaviors. 1 too many old people will be bundled baby baby legs tied the habit that their legs not long crooked, later developed into "big legs". However, the opposite is true, too much restraint will only make the baby very uncomfortable, and therefore may be the case of developmental malformations. In addition, when the baby was wrapped with bag, bag can not too tight, affect his normal respiratory function. 2 baby baby because shaking head accounted for a larger proportion of the body, with its neck is relatively soft, so if you wobble or shake the baby, then he may appear concussion, cerebral edema, neck injuries. In addition to shaking, but also can not hold the baby too early, this is because their neck muscles, bones are still relatively soft, vertical embrace is likely to damage his spine. 3 holding the baby bed for babies, good sleep is very important, he let a person to sleep, not only can sleep soundly, but also conducive to the development of bones, heart and lung. And if you always hold the baby to sleep, then the quality of his sleep tend to be relatively poor, but because the body is subject to the limitations of adults, so it is often difficult to get a good rest muscles. In addition to sleep will also lead to the baby is always breathing adults exhaled carbon dioxide, is not conducive to their healthy growth. 4 pacifiers have some positive effects such as to meet the pacifier, his mouth, to increase the sense of security and so on, but it also has many negative effects. For example, when the nipple is fixed bandage too tight, can cause suffocation; baby excessive inhalation of air can cause abdominal discomfort; long time use pacifiers, likely to cause the child maxillofacial and teeth abnormalities. It is not recommended to the frequent use of pacifiers, even if it is used to stop after the age of 1. 5 when taking pictures with the flash of infants and young children are still in the development stage of the eye, it is very fragile, encountered strong light stimulation may be dangerous. The flash is a very strong light, if the distance is very close, then the baby’s eyes will be greatly damaged. So when the baby pictures, please turn off the flash in a timely manner, if must use, so try not to shoot the baby’s face, avoid damage to the eyes. 6 too early to put a lot of urine urine parents like to give the child the excrement urine, think this can let them learn to control the size of. But in fact, baby stool to the nerves and muscles in 1.5-2 years of age gradually mature, early urine is likely to hurt their hip, may also be a serious problem from frequent urination. 7 let the baby sit upright and vertical hold baby similar, this action also can’t let the child do. This is because the baby’s spine is very fragile, let them sit upright early, it may lead相关的主题文章: