The young woman manager to invest about 64000000 of illegal absorption of re marriage was arrested

The young woman manager to invest about 64000000 to go through the wedding illegally caught – Harbin Beijing, a woman in Tianjin illegally investment and profit from it, 156 people become victims, economic losses amounted to about 64000000 yuan. In September 30th, the woman back to the Harbin re marriage was arrested. In September 30th, patrol police detachment brigade directly under the public security checkpoint police found for earthen kiln illegal deposits from the public by the Tianjin Police Online pursuit of suspects Chen Moumou often recently in Harbin, the next day at 10 pm, police after a day of Mopai and squat, initially locked Chen Moumou now Daowai District South fourteen Street area parents’ home. Vice captain Zhang Junsui Zhao Fengfei led the police rushed to the area, disguised as a residential property staff sounded the suspect their parents home, but no one has to open the door. According to the house to determine the sound of the house inside the house, indicating that the identity requirements of the door, the house staff can not see the documents do not believe that the police refused to cooperate with the arrest caught in an impasse. Police suspect the analysis is likely to be on the inside, and in the house. The parents should be suspect, suspects should be able to hear the dialogue. The police decided to convince their parents, tell the patient the relevant laws and regulations, legal consequences to inform their behavior may take, the suspect’s mother finally opened the door to let Chen Moumou with the investigation. After the trial, the suspect Moumou, female, 25 years old, college culture, Harbin, Tianjin investment management company manager, from January 2014 to the incident, distributing leaflets, random call for investment returns at the rate of return of 12% to 15% as bait, absorbing investment from the people and profit from the number of victims, 156 people, economic losses of up to about 64000000 yuan. In September 21st, Chen Moumou boyfriend in Tianjin and Tianjin held a grand wedding, 24 days three days back home back to Omaha, and held several times for banquet, have completely ignored the Tianjin police repeatedly summoned, was eventually arrested by the police in Harbin, handed over to the Tianjin police.相关的主题文章: