The women’s cancer also met the business loss of jealousy from axe chopped bestie

The women’s cancer also met the business loss of jealousy from axe chopped bestie Changqing women’s cancer and in case of business losses, jealousy had cut the intestines will bestie original title: Changqing women’s cancer and in case of business losses, jealousy had cut a bestie will intestines from October 31st Ji’nan Changqing District frightful to the ear murder. The suspect CAI (female) and Xuemou (female) because of economic disputes, coupled with the suspect Xuemou and her husband was having an affair, holding ax at Xue Mou doorstep revenge. The Xuemou was stabbed stomach open 10 cm wound, resulting in intestines out, emotional firewood still severely clutching Xuemou intestines grimdeath. The police after several fruitless persuasion, after forced their hand, it avoid a murder occurred. Knife was taken out of the ax on the last day of October, for the Phoenix District, Changqing, who lives in the North District, building three, unit 9, Xue Xue, which was originally a light day. But she did not think that this day she unexpectedly ushered in a nightmare. In the afternoon, she was ready to go out and do something. After she turned out to lock the door, then suddenly a woman holding a knife and rushed over, a knife stabbed in his stomach. Help ah!" She looked at the panic, this man was his old acquaintance. Xuemou see a wood with a knife at her Luantong, she had to dodge, while to catch each other knife. Suddenly, the original quiet three units on the deep fried pot, shouting, life-saving sound one after another. At this point, there is a neighbor passing by, neighbors rushed forward to help, will be a knife in the hands of firewood to take down. I thought the hands no weapon firewood no threat, who knows the firewood unexpectedly from her purse out of an axe, and swung the axe toward Xuemou cut off. See this kind of situation, help the neighbors are afraid of their injuries, and quickly ran downstairs to call the police. At this time, two women have been stubbornly struggling together, they have been playing from the third floor to two floor. With the intensification of the fighting, from the third floor to the two floor of the stairwell also left a pool of blood. Hold the intestines and wouldn’t let go at 13:44 PM, Changqing metro area police station rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the alarm. At this time, three units in the corridor, the wood of a positive pressure in Xuemou’s body, two people are still fighting. Located beneath the Xuemou saw the police coming quickly shouted, "stomach, stomach". "What’s wrong?"" The police looked carefully, firewood actually grabbed Xuemou intestines. "What are you doing? To stop, to let go." Police immediately warned to persuade, what is the thing to say?" See the situation is serious, the police rushed to report to the police. "Let go, if not what the consequences are." Although the police urged, but firewood is not let go. At this point, firewood’s right hand also took the ax, the police took advantage of its attention to seize the ax. But this time the firewood still tightly clutching the Xuemou intestines on. What should I do? The police had to use a stick against her waist, it is not easy to break her hand. "Fast, save the matter, fast to the hospital." The reporter saw the video from the police, Xuemou intestines pull out a lot, the scene is very disgusting. Coma Kay相关的主题文章: