The winter solstice, a big son take you around the country! Sohu – ricky lee neely

The winter solstice, a big son take you around the country! Sohu maternal and child today is the twenty-four solar terms in the winter solstice, the big head of the son of a discussion, the winter solstice that day what we eat. The first father in chowhound eyes, if the year thirty is the most important that "the dinner on New Year’s Eve", then the day of winter solstice table, natural is also worth looking forward to! What does the apron mother bring us to eat? Apron mother solstice is also known as the "winter", "long to day", "sub", from the name can be seen, the importance of the day after the New Year! The winter solstice is also a good time for health, I have to give you both father and son to fill the body. Big head son apron mother, what do we eat on that day? Beijing and Suzhou: Son of wonton apron mother to tell you a story my head: when in the Han Dynasty, there are muddy’s and don’s two leaders of the northern Xiongnu tribes, often lead people to harass the frontier, they hated, so with meat stuffing packets into the corner, the direct use of "muddy" and "village" of the two a surname as a name, which is today the "ravioli", her teeth to eat to solution of the heart to hate, to live a peaceful life. According to legend, the king of Wu cloyed with table delicacies from land and sea of appetite, beauty personally into the imperial room package a snack for the king of wu. The king ate a bowl, and asked: "this is what kind of snacks, so delicious?" She thought this HunJun muddle along without any aim chaos not open, he said: "the chaos". Big son haha, wonton and here many stories, really fun, I want to eat! Henan: "cold pinch ears" big son oh mother! Frozen ears? Who has frozen ears? I am so surprised! Apron mother ha ha, don’t be afraid of fear, here to say "cold pinch ears" is our most familiar Boiled dumplings, almost everyone eat yo! The first father to tell you dad! According to legend, Nanyang San Zhang Zhongjing in Changsha officer, when he return home is the snow of winter. He saw the villagers in rags, there are a lot of people’s ears were frozen rotten, and my heart is very sad, let students in Nanyang medical tents set up in Kanto, mutton, pepper and some cold medicine in the pot cooked, chopped out, using surface imaging ears look like purses, put them into the pot cooked, made of "Qu Han Jiao ear soup" to give alms to the people to eat. After the "Qu Han Jiao ear soup", the villagers ears were cured. So far, Nanyang is still spreading the "winter solstice dumplings dumplings, frozen ears no one tube" folk. Big head son is like this! Well, I’ll have some more dumplings today, or I’ll freeze my ears! Ningxia: "brain" big head son was just "frozen ears" scared, it came to the "mind", mom, I can happily eat? Apron mother in the winter solstice on that day, Yinchuan has a custom, is to drink soup, eat mutton powder soup dumplings, and the "mind" is the people of Yinchuan to fly the nickname mutton soup! Tengzhou children相关的主题文章: