The whistling contest with Zhejiang Wang Shaohou often the whistle cheek swollen practice (Figure)-kairui

The whistling contest with Zhejiang Wang Shaohou: often the whistle cheek swollen practice (Figure) Zhang Qi a lot of people will whistle, powerful point can blow into song. But you may not know, whistling also has a game, and the country’s most famous "whistle king", "post", are in our Zhejiang. The day before, "Chinese good whistle" — the third cross strait whistle art friendlies ended, Zhang Qi from Wenzhou won the championship of adults from Hangzhou, Tonglu Yuan Shuling won the women’s championship in adults. After talking to the two "whistle king", the reporter found that behind the champion is a few decades of hard work of real kung fu. He practiced for 40 years often whistle Zhang Qi his cheeks swollen practicing her very spirit, speaking in a leisurely manner. He has been whistling for more than 40 years, 54 years old. Zhang Qi said, the young father often whistling, blowing or may be influenced by his father, he will imperceptibly blow, "just started practicing whistle, is completely self pondering, will play a song, just blow to people around to listen, others say ‘good’, is very happy." More than 10 years ago, Zhang Qi opened a copy shop. When he didn’t have a customer, he practiced desperately and whistled with the accompaniment in the computer. Zhang Qi’s wife said, he several times to practice hurt, "several hours training, the sound is more and more weak, cheek is swollen." Zhang Qi said that the practice is a bit like whistle builders work, a plane, a hammer and saw everything with ripe, later to become a true craftsman. Before the competition, Zhang Qi spent 6 months preparing for the battle. He practiced at least 3 hours a day. The track was also selected repeatedly, and finally won the title by virtue of a song "that is me". It is understood that the contest criteria, including emotional expression, intonation, rhythm, the breath control, stage image etc.. The biggest challenge for Yuan Shuling’s whistle is that other people’s eyes are the same as Zhang Qi. "After the whistle" Yuan Shuling also whistles from childhood. Yuan Shuling, 43 years old, was born in the northeast of China. He came to Tonglu, her husband’s hometown two years ago. "When I was young, I liked singing, but it was too cold for me to catch a cold, and I wanted to express my feelings. Then I found out that whistling can make up for this shortcoming, and the sings can be whistled out. But at that time, people on the whistle whistle, some even think not to regard it as right, dudish, Yuan Shuling practiced a lot of pressure. "I 923 years old, wall at home in the newspaper to see a" whistle player "is a foreign woman." Yuan Shuling said the report gave her the pressure to put down her heart and felt that it was no mistake to whistle. "How do you think of me again?" From then on, whistling became the way she expressed her feelings. After dinner, a foot out of the house, the whistle is blown up; in rural areas at night black, she whistled a loud whistle to give him courage. Yuan Shuling says there are fewer women in the whistle race. In the competition, there were more than 40 men in the men’s group and only more than 10 in the women’s group. "All the women who come to the competition are all elites. They are all like me, who hold the pressure to practice the whistle and are naturally the love of the heart." The final time, Yuan Shuling full of emotion and skills properly, long tone, glottals has excellent interpretation of the exotic "Saba queen". "To get this champion, for me, is more like a positive whistle for more than 30 years." Yuan Shuling said. They want to pass this skill to more children Yuan Shuling to tell the evening news reporter, this time to win the title, she particularly want to thank Zhang Qi. She said Zhang Qi was her teacher. "Although we know it for a few months, he often points to me." Yuan Shuling said that she used to play and play, and now she had a higher level of learning through the whistle skills. In fact, in addition to the adult "sentinel" discussion, whistling skills have become a very important job for Zhang Qi, especially to teach children to whistle. "Once, when I whistled, I was copying for customers. A woman came in and said her son would come back from the summer vacation, and he could whistle with me." At this point, Zhang Qi said, he suddenly found that whistling skills were also inheriting. In recent years, Zhang Qi began to use his spare time to teach some primary and middle school students to whistle. "Children who whistle with me, I have to train them to do basic skills, for example, for breath control, such as whistling, pronunciation, I can make him practice for a long time. Well, in the future for a lot of repertoire processing, will be very handy. Yuan Shuling also hope, will own a whistle unique to teach children and young people, "I am willing to share their experience in particular to whistle, more girls to learn to whistle spread among them."

全国吹口哨大赛浙江拿下哨王哨后:常把腮帮练肿(图) 张琦   很多人都会吹口哨,厉害点的还能吹成曲子。但你可能不知道,吹口哨也有比赛,而且全国最牛的“哨王”、“哨后”,都在咱们浙江。   日前,“中国好哨音”――第三届海峡两岸口哨艺术友谊赛落下帷幕,来自温州的张琦获得成人男子组冠军,来自杭州桐庐的苑淑玲获得成人女子组冠军。   记者和这两位“哨王”交谈后发现,冠军的背后,是几十年苦练的真功夫。   他练了40多年口哨   常常把腮帮子练肿   张琦把自己打理得很精神,讲话慢条斯理。54岁的他,已经吹了40多年口哨。   张琦说,父亲年轻时常吹口哨,吹得也好,可能是受了父亲的影响,他不知不觉就会吹了,“刚开始练口哨,完全是自我琢磨,会吹一首曲子了,就吹给周围人听,别人说个‘不错’,就开心的不得了。”   十多年前,张琦开了一家复印店。没顾客时,他就拼命练习,跟着电脑里的伴奏吹口哨。张琦的爱人说,他好几次都练伤了,“几个小时练下来,声音越来越弱,腮帮子肿得老高。”   张琦说,练习口哨有点像匠人干活,刨子、锤子、锯子,每样工具都要用熟了,以后才能成为真正的匠人。   这次比赛前,张琦用了6个月时间备战,每天至少练习3个多小时,参赛曲目也是反复甄选,最终凭借一曲《那就是我》夺得桂冠。   据了解,口哨大赛的评判标准,包括音准、情感表达、节奏、对气息的控制、舞台形象等。 苑淑玲   女孩子练口哨   最大挑战是别人的眼光   和张琦一样,“哨后”苑淑玲也是从小就爱吹口哨。   今年43岁的苑淑玲出生在东北,两年前来到丈夫老家桐庐,“我小时候就喜欢唱歌,但天气太冷,一感冒就不能唱歌了,又很想表达情感。后来我发现,吹口哨可以弥补这个缺憾,而且唱不出来的高音能用口哨吹出来。”   但那时候,人们对吹口哨不以为然,甚至觉得吹口哨有些流里流气,苑淑玲练口哨压力很大。   “我十二三岁的时候,在家中糊墙的报纸上看到一个‘口哨演奏家’,是位外国老太太。”苑淑玲说,这篇报道让她放下了心中压力,觉得吹口哨这件事没有错,“再也不顾周边人是怎么看我的。”   从此,吹口哨成了她抒发情感的方式。吃过饭,脚一迈出家门,口哨就吹起来了;晚上农村黑,她吹着嘹亮的口哨给自己壮胆。   苑淑玲说,参加口哨比赛的女性比较少。这次大赛,男子组有40多人参加,女子组只有10多人。“来参赛的女选手个个都是精英,她们都是像我这样,顶住了压力练习口哨,自然是打心眼里的热爱。”   决赛的时候,苑淑玲感情充沛,技巧得宜,长音、促音运用自如,出色演绎了充满异域色彩的《萨巴女王》。   “拿到这个冠军,对我而言,更像是对自己30多年练习口哨的一种肯定。”苑淑玲说。   他们希望将这门技艺   传给更多孩子   苑淑玲告诉钱江晚报记者,这次夺冠,她特别要感谢张琦。她说,张琦是她的老师。   “虽然我们认识没几个月,但他常常对我悉心指点。”苑淑玲说,以前是自己吹着玩,现在通过口哨技艺的学习,她的水平更上了一层楼。   其实,除了和成年“哨友”切磋,传授口哨技巧已经成为张琦很重要的一个工作,尤其是教孩子吹口哨。   “有一次,我一边吹口哨一边为顾客复印,有个女人走进来,说她儿子放暑假从美国回来,能不能跟我学口哨。”张琦说,这时他忽然发现,口哨技能也是可以传承的。   近几年,张琦开始利用业余时间,教一些中小学生学口哨。   “跟我学口哨的孩子,我一定要让他们练好基本功,比如对于气息的把握,比如口哨发音,一个音我可能会让他练很久。练好了,以后对于很多曲目的处理,都会得心应手。”   苑淑玲也希望,将自己一身口哨绝活教给孩子和年轻人,“我很愿意分享自己的口哨经验,特别是希望有更多女孩子来学习,让口哨在她们中间流传开来。”相关的主题文章: