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The western conference data amazing you think only Yong sting is popular? That night the Clippers defense alliance first "Sports Weekly" reporter Li Miao beat the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball, Losangeles clippers coach Murdoch Rivers in the locker room quickly and the players, especially the coaching staff summary said two words, came to the target center press conference hall. But Rivers did not think so, when he went to the press hall opened the door a look, the home team coach Thibodeau was still sitting on the table to answer every single word or phrase thrown to the problem under the table. Rivers did not hesitate to sit on the stage when he is in the Celtics assistant coach, he is also good friends for many years, while Thibodeau answered a question when Rivers pretended to be impatient with low voice shouted: "you can’t hurry! I’ve been waiting here for a long time!" Thibodeau on the stage had a wry smile, not just in front of the reporter pretending to be poor and said: "you see it. Win the ball is so horizontal, how do you want to come." Of course Rivers knew the truth, nine years ago with the Boston big three rushed all the way to the finals, Rivers won a clear victory too, especially in the end, won the championship trophy that stood on the top of the world feeling…… However, in the past few years, the kind of gas to swallow the feeling of the world, it is difficult to find. The first "this is where I coached the best team team to win the" bluntly, too little, or win is not thorough enough, regret stuck in Rivers’s heart, so that he could never find the pleasure. So, when Thibodeau had finished saying that, when it was his turn to speak, Rivers explained, "do you think you can feel it? This is a joke between two friends." In fact, Rivers does not have to be so careful, although the season has just begun, but after the 10 games, the yacht has undoubtedly become the most popular team in the current union. On the boat win over Minnesota this field as an example, Griffin scored 20 points and 10 rebounds, Jordan scored 18 points and 16 rebounds, two people get two pairs of very good protection team inside; and Paul and J.J. Reddick posted 19 points and a total of 18 points, with a total of 11 points in the 5 of the ball to better open up the space on the pitch. "This is the best team I’ve coached here," said Rivers, who has said third times this season, "we have to work hard when it’s hot and we can’t relax. We have to get better performance at both ends of the attack." That is not fun, Rivers repeated the words in this sentence, he added: "but now the team ah, is really great." Rivers’s pride sounded a little depressing, for a simple reason. Since the 2011-12 season the team got Paul on the single regular season winning 272 games, only 297 games and the Sanantonio spurs Oklahoma City, is currently get 270 more boats. Unfortunately, the conventional success rate and not to bring the boat title, in the past P相关的主题文章: