The United States presidential debate Jieduan conference is refers to the history of the most ugly –

The United States presidential debate "Jieduan conference" is refers to "the history of the most ugly" – Beijing, Beijing, October 10 Xinhua comprehensive report, the U.S. presidential election second presidential debate held on the evening of 9 local time. Trump, a Republican, is trying to consolidate his supporters and turn his back on the poor, while Democrat Hilary wants to maintain a leading edge. In the debate, two people debate against each other weaknesses, so that the media described it as "the history of the most vicious words election debate". Reported that, in this debate, Trump changed the first debate on the defensive, Hilary’s husband, former president of the United States Clinton sex scandal, and Hilary "email scandal and other issues to the Hilary administration, hoping to reverse its" insulting "tape on the impact of exposure caused by love. Hilary is a continuation of the first debate the fire attack, Trump bite in the recording of female slander. She said, "we have seen on Friday to hear Trump talk about women, Trump said he and the doings of women recording content does not represent himself, but it is clear that people hear any conversation that is Trump." In this regard, Trump argued that the recording of the words, just move the mouth, is the men’s locker room dialogue". And turned the attack to Hilary’s husband, Clinton, saying that "unlike Mr Hilary’s husband, former president, Mr Clinton has done worse". Hilary directed at Trump not only contempt for women, but also discrimination against immigrants, ethnic minorities, Muslims, physical disabilities, etc.. She said: "Trump owes an apology to President Obama and the United States, and must be responsible for his actions." Trump and Hilary in the debate their firepower, all the tax, diplomatic, economic and other issues have turned to attack each other. Trump in the recording problem after the interrogation system of storm Hilary footing, weakness, a lack of preparation. The last debate. Comments that this fiery 90 minute debate, leaving more problems than the dialogue itself, Trump clearly prepared many watch Hilary key, but Hilary is confident, calm and control the audience, not because of Trump’s onslaught of disarray. Reported that Hilary and the time to speak close to the master of the "fire" to the last to the end of the. Until the end of the debate, the two shook hands, which can be called the most ugly debate in the history of the United States, ushered in the only peace time".相关的主题文章: