The typhoon malakas close to the Zhejiang Zhejiang coastal winds will be 9-11 – Beijing htc802w

The typhoon "malakas" close to the Zhejiang Zhejiang coastal winds will be 9-11 – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 18th news (reporter Li Jia) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the typhoon "malakas" gradually close to Zhejiang, today Zhejiang coastal sea wind 9-11, today is the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the largest annual the astronomical tide period, there may be more than 50 years of the climax of Zhejiang coastal parts of the coast. In the East Hainan sea from Wenzhou east southeast 287 km 5 points on the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" today, near the center of the largest wind 14. By "malakas" influence, Wenzhou coastal winds 8-9 yesterday. Expected, Maleka will be about 15 kilometers per hour speed to the North East direction. Under its influence, Zhejiang coastal sea appear 8-10 winds, is expected today and tomorrow, Zhejiang coastal sea wind 9-11; typhoon center near the sea wind 12-14; coastal areas of Hangzhou Bay and also 7-9 winds today. Today, some coastal areas of Zhejiang have heavy rain. Affected by the recent torrential rains, Zhejiang province has 42 large and medium-sized reservoirs over flood level, flood discharge is still part of the reservoir, the province has more than and 30 hydrological stations over warning water level or water level guarantee. The typhoon "malakas" near the coast of Zhejiang, in August eighteen astronomical tide period, may be even more than 50 years in eastern Zhejiang coastal part of the coast climax. Need to be alert to the wind, rain, tide, the impact of the joint venture, in particular reminded today to watch the Qian Tang tide of the public to pay attention to safety. To deal with the "malakas" influence, Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi in 12 at noon yesterday, the flood prevention and emergency response promoted to grade ii. Wenzhou upgraded to level II, Taizhou, Ningbo III, Zhoushan IV. Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi requirements of various departments across the province to organize the typhoon defense preparations, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo, for the coastal areas of Zhoushan to complete the seawall gate and gap closure, all marine aquaculture, workers back to harbor, tourist attractions close. As of 17 noon, Zhejiang transferred a total of 220 thousand and 100 people. Zhejiang Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau specially issued an emergency notice, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the local government and defense requirements, prohibited fishing boats in the local defense did not terminate the emergency response before sailing. It is understood that Zhejiang 25030 fishing boats, there are 24744 back to Hong Kong, the ship is in a safe area, the 271 in the way back to the port of departure. Another 4336 non fishing vessels in Hong Kong or in a safe area. In addition, the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Education issued a notice yesterday, municipal, municipal schools, kindergarten today suspended classes, resume time notice.相关的主题文章: