The typhoon catfish approach will set off the giant waves of new network – in Mindong Fishing Ground

The typhoon "catfish" approach will set off the giant waves – Beijing new network in Ningde in September 27, in Mindong Fishing Ground (leafy) State Oceanic Administration Fujian Ningde marine forecast issued 27 Coastal Wave II alert (Orange) said that this year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish effect", Ningde coast will now large waves, Fujian fishing is giant waves. Ningde marine forecast, is expected to 27 during the day to night, there are 2.8-3.8 meters waves along the coast of Ningde, the evening has increased to 3.5-5 meters of large waves; Fujian Fisheries, Fujian the fishery has 3-5 meters large waves, the afternoon increases to 5-8 meters of the giant waves. "Catfish" will be in the afternoon of 27 landing in central Taiwan, 28 am in the morning to Fujian to Huian Zhangpu along coastal areas again, will bring rain to the strong influence of Fujian. The same day, Ningde marine forecast also released a coastal storm surge grade alarm (blue), is expected to 27 in the morning to 28 in the morning, Ningde coast 50-120cm storm surge, Fuding City, Xiapu County Shacheng Sansha tide station will appear at the local blue alert tide high tide. Data show that Shacheng 27 19:40, is expected to be the climax of 355cm, on the morning of 28 will be the climax of 355cm; Sansha 27 at 19:45, the expected height of 365cm, on the morning of 28 will be the climax of 365cm, reached the local blue warning tidal level. (end)相关的主题文章: