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The tourist guide announced Kinmen industry to remind visitors to avoid low-cost travel – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xiamen, August 28 (reporter Shang Hao Fu Min) reporter from the Xiamen City Tourism Association was informed that the tourist guide announced Kinmen integrity day before. From September 1st onwards, the tourists to Kinmen play, according to the guidance, reasonable weigh fares, avoid unreasonable low price tour. According to reports, Kinmen tourist guide price integrity specifically: "Kinmen Tour" for 388 yuan; the "Kinmen two tour" on weekdays for 758 yuan, 848 yuan for the holiday; "Kinmen peak two day was 628 yuan. Among them, usually refers to the Monday to Thursday, Friday to Sunday a holiday, Monday to Thursday two day peak refers to the specific flight. These are the price of Xiamen Tourism Association in the collection of the city’s major travel agencies product line, and consult the views of the vast majority of travel agents. The above price is dominated by the Xiamen City Tourism Association, Kinmen County Association of travel agents with the implementation of. The reporter learned that, at this stage of mainland tourists to Kinmen tourism is still not standardized, the cheap tour problem is very prominent. Travel to Kinmen travel price is often very low, such as individual travel agency launched a tour of Kinmen, offer only 200 yuan per person, and the most preferential Kinmen round-trip ticket would need about 300 yuan. "Lower than the ‘normal cost price’ competition results, one is less tourist attractions, time is short; two is to increase the trip outside the shopping; the three is a direct impact on the quality of tourism, tourist complaints rate is high." Xie Jinyuan, President of Xiamen tourism association. The National Tourism Administration issued last September "on the fight" unreasonable low price tour "opinions" pointed out that "the tour product price is lower than the local tourism sector and Tourism Industry Association announced the integrity of travel guide price of more than 30%", can be identified as "unreasonable low price tour". Xiamen from the Golden Gate about 18 miles, most tourists from mainland to Kinmen exit. Xiamen City Tourism Association to remind the tourists to visit Kinmen, reference integrity guidance, to avoid unreasonable price of Kinmen tours, to ensure their legitimate rights and interests.相关的主题文章: