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The tenant owed the decoration decoration team run away Dun demolitions 4 door tenants owed the decoration, run away, the tenant lying gun, the landlord tenant is responsible for maintenance requirements. The company has just started business encounter "Mr. Chen just cooperate with others for two years from demolitions University, opened a e-commerce company in canglongdao Henry kic. In July 16th this year, the company hired Henry KIC 3 a 265 square meters of office for one year. On the occasion of the company gradually on the right track, September 22nd at 3:30 in the afternoon, a man suddenly broke into the office, threatening to demolitions. LED decoration is self-employed master Hu, the office of the previous tenants asked him to come to decorate, but the decoration after the other suddenly run away, 70 thousand Yuan decoration did not pay a penny. Hu master after the police know that this man has a criminal record fraud, has been in the crime, the current can not be contacted. Hu master in order to get back to the hard money, repeatedly with the housing property rights Wuhan Heng International Automation Control Co., Ltd., but no fruit. In desperation, rushed to the office. At that time, master Hu mood is very excited, simply can not persuade." Mr. Chen said, the police and the developer personnel arrived, the office of the 4 door, a screen and other decoration materials have been removed. Who pay huge controversy yesterday morning for the loss, Wuhan evening news reporter saw Mr. Chen in the company, who demolished the doors and windows has not been repaired, even inside the toilet door open. "Now the staff have to go outside to go to the toilet." Mr. Chen told reporters, after the incident, some part-time students think that they owed money, scared quickly left, stay in the company’s employees are also jittery. "We made clear with the landlord, this thing has nothing to do with our company, is the victim, ask them as soon as possible to repair the damage, but they say we lack of protection to their cause, to bear the loss." Mr. Chen is very puzzling for this requirement, he believes that the company has been strongly discouraged at the time of the incident, and to record video forensics, alarm, notify the landlord and other measures, has done all the responsibility. In this regard, the landlord of a responsible person surnamed Li also insisted that the demolitions event has nothing to do with them, these decoration property originally belonged to the original tenants, but the original tenant rent arrears due to breach of contract, contract termination. According to the contract, after the termination of the contract, the lessor’s house in the decoration of all. Therefore, there is no dispute between master Hu and developers, will now be leased to Mr. Chen’s office, they should try to security obligations, in their lease loss period, should they take responsibility. Two days ago, several parties sit together for a coordination, and finally the landlord gives two views. First, by Mr. Chen is responsible for repair of the losses, if the latter again loss by the landlord is responsible for; second, for the loss of repair by the landlord, but later appeared in such a situation, the company responsible for Mr. chen. For the two, Mr. Chen said it could not accept. Decoration boss just want to twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan yesterday afternoon, the reporter by telephone on decoration boss Hu master, he admitted that the demolitions behavior Shishuwunai, now I can’t find the previous tenants, developers can only find. Master Hu said, he is now相关的主题文章: