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The survey said: from Russia shot down MH17 missile launch system has been shipped back to the original title: shot down MH17 beech from Russia? The investigation team demonstrated evidence of radar images, photographs, video, telephone monitoring, and eyewitness testimony. MH17 wreckage. Investigation report of the investigation report by the Russian Russian mission to Ukraine group "Prejudice" of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash international joint investigation group released 28, hit the aircraft beech air defense missile system from Russia to Ukraine, located in eastern Ukraine launched a pro Russian armed personnel control the area. Mission: launch system has been "back to Russia" in the investigation group of 5 members of 28 attended the conference, Holland investigators presented the radar images, photos, video, telephone monitoring and recording, witness testimony and other evidence in the investigation conclusion, also played three dimensional animation simulation of missile transport route. People will bethe, Bolisang Holland police criminal investigation department said the investigation team concluded on the basis of criminal investigation, "MH17 flight…… From the territory of Russia, "beech air defense missile system" launched a 9M38 missile". Later, this set of missile launching system "was shipped back to russia". According to the Bolisang that missile launch site is located in eastern Ukraine at Powomaisi branch area, at the time of the incident there "in the pro Russian armed personnel under the control of". The mission also confirmed that about 100 people are believed to have played a positive role in the missile launch system". However, according to Russia’s "satellite" news agency said, the mission did not MH17 flight crash and the behavior of Russian or Russian citizens, the official association". I refuse to Russia: the parties participating in the investigation "Prejudice" of Holland Safety Committee has released a report last October, said the MH17 flight to the eastern ocean, a missile exploded in the cockpit is causing the crash. Russia subsequently sent a letter to the chairman of the Security Council of Holland. The letter said that Russian experts through experiments that could form in the plane crash site found fragments of shape and Holland announced the missile explosion debris shape does not match, thus negating the investigation conclusion of Holland safety committee. Russian presidential press secretary Dmitri Peskov said on the 28, Russia on the crash provided detailed information, Russia hopes to learn all the information the international joint investigation group investigation. Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement later in the day, said the investigation results of the investigation group on the MH17 air crash shows its prejudice against russia. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zaha Lo Va said that Ukraine will be listed for its false evidence, let the investigation become the self beneficial space for the investigation team members, "Russia from the outset proposal is based on the fact that a joint investigation by the international joint investigation group refused to Russia as a full member to participate in the investigation, only to Russia we should participate in the role." She said, "suspect", identified by their own assumptions required has become the conclusion of western people act normal 2相关的主题文章: