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The streets of the next ten days: terrorist attack diversified "lone wolf" to prevent – Beijing America series of bombings and shootings for several days, the streets to strengthen security measures. In new network on 28 September, September (He Luman) for the United States, is undoubtedly an eventful year. 9 – 11 anniversary of the past week, the United States has been surrounded by the "terrorist attacks" haze. From 17 to 27 days, from New Jersey to Houston City Marathon bombings shootings, Afghan Americans, 20 year old akon lahmi, lawyer Nason Siti Jose et al – CETIN co director of the "Bomb shot blockbuster" American street next ten days "staged in the country. Disgruntled, retaliation, lone wolf attacks…… Different from the past, directed at the "Islamic state of large-scale terrorist attack, 10 days after another bomb explosion and shootings caused casualties, although the loss is not big, but has shown that the makers of terrorist attacks on the United States and the diversification trend, as the United States security alarm. [yiyanbuge "terrorist attack"] Houston, a black man armed with a revolver, a mall in the outgoing car shot and killed at least 9 people were injured, the police was eventually killed on the spot — this is the United States 26, the latest shooting. Nason Siti Jose was a lawyer in a law firm. It is understood that he was firm and dispute and murder, the crime locations in the vicinity of Houston shopping center, the time in the morning, he was driving for roadside shooting. No huge behind the organization, no friends, not for – 17 occurred in the New Jersey charity marathon before starting a bomb explosion in a terrorist organization is so ordered, Afghan born American citizen lahmi self-directed the bombing. In addition, the night of the Chelsea community in New York District of Manhattan, causing 31 people were injured in the explosion and was hidden in the vicinity of the explosion of the backpack is also related to the 5 explosive devices. A New York bomber posted in a blog post that the Manhattan bombings were targeted by gay rights activists in an attempt to retaliate against homosexuality. However, the smoke has been rumor, who in fear and hatred, thought-provoking? [] to prevent the flaw in the plan "lone wolf" terrorism and long-standing, complicated causes. As the saying goes, "the man", in the unfavorable condition, there will always be let terrorists multiplicative security vulnerabilities. The growing social contradictions have become a terrorist attack of the fuse, its free and open, many immigrants, political thoughts gathered in the social attributes, determines the local anti-terrorism work even if the layers of deployment, will inevitably "flaw in the plan". Especially in recent years, the Islamic state of chaos, and constantly increase the difficulty of anti-terrorism, penetration, the rise of local terrorist "lone wolf" has become a new threat. On the evening of 17, a Minnesota shopping center in St. cloud caused by stabbing incident injured 10 people is a typical case. The "lone wolf" attack, reminiscent of the same year in the United States in Oakland.相关的主题文章: