The special price of sending eggs to gifts and quilts is reminding that it is a fraudulent routine-footman

Send the egg gift quilt is also back now special offer reminder: This is fraud routines? A value of 1900 yuan of wool, by reservation card cash back, white quilt! On the surface, the sale of daily necessities is a real fraud. Recently, Dengfeng police successfully destroyed a criminal gang, captured 9 suspects and recovered more than 2 yuan of stolen money. – the Oriental Daily News reporter Li Wei correspondent Yuan Mengxiao egg, small gifts as bait at 6:30 on the morning of September 9th, Dengfeng city south hotel conference room, filled with hundreds of elderly people. They each hold a pink publicity page in their hands, and a staff named Xiao he greets everyone enthusiastically. At the 7 time, the promotion will start, and he will take out a few manufacturers’ "special" quilts, and introduce the function and merit of this Australian wool quilt. It says the quilt is worth 1900 yuan, and the current price is only 800 yuan. In order to make the uncle of the field believe that the quilt is really good, he introduced the finished product, and he started the "burning" experiment at the scene, and told the grandparents at the scene that today is the first day of the promotion conference. The manufacturer will give you two sets of complimentary packages for publicity. The morning is a gift, in the afternoon there will be gifts and time limit to buy. After the meeting, the scene of the uncle aunt who also each received 8 egg. Card cash back ring set set because the morning get gifts of the elderly publicity more to the elderly this afternoon. At the beginning of the afternoon, the staff issued a small gift for the one hundred or two hundred elderly people coming to the scene. After that, the staff Xiao He also promoted the afternoon products, kitchen knives, the value of this kitchen knife is 198 yuan, the manufacturer’s activity price is only 100 yuan, and at the same time, it will give a reservation card, with a reservation card, it can refund 100 yuan in cash, that is to say, the knife is free. Ten or twenty old people believe in it and spend money to buy knives. After selling the kitchen knife, Xiao He continues to sell "Australian wool quilt", the purchase price is only 810 yuan, at the same time, a reservation card is given, and the cash can be returned with the reservation card. With the previous trust, many big mother bought the quilt. But this time, the wool was returned to the master’s mother, but the money was not returned. In this case, the master of the great mother knew that he was deceived and immediately called the police. Dengfeng City Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation squadron alarm, police investigation, learned of the people to help sell quilt scam ring set set. First send some small gifts to get good sense, earn popularity, let the elderly trust them to upgrade. Then the "Australian wool quilt", which is worth 1900 yuan, was sold and given a reservation card for 810 yuan and promised to return the cash on the basis of the card. After a large number of elderly people trust, take advantage of the confusion of time to buy the money in the pocket, and drive away from the scene. Fishing fraud pits for the elderly people’s police investigation found that the case is the gang, the most of the old people. In order to break the case as soon as possible, the police quickly launched a visit to the investigation. In September 10th, the police found the gang in a hotel in Gongyi and was organizing a planned fraud. In the afternoon of the same day, the gang was "selling" the product in the same way, captured by the Dengfeng police. After interrogation, the police learned that the gang to man Hemou and led by Zhang, gang members from Hubei, Hunan, Anhui and other places, through the online contact after the group drove to Dengfeng, the car filled with a kitchen knife, quilt, bed with four sets of fraud and other small gifts. After the peace in Dengfeng, the group of two or three people set up a group of fraudulent activities, the main target for the elderly. The suspect he said, they sell wool like fishing, first bait, and then fishing. The vegetable knife and quilt are all bait, the value of the kitchen knife is 9.8 yuan, and the quilt value is one hundred or two hundred yuan. A similar Scam – police remind, the criminals will be in various forms to commit fraud, such as drinking machine, cooker, but eventually, the suspect by the elderly love Zhanxiaopianyi psychology, free gifts, step by step, the elderly into the scam. Children should communicate with the elderly and tell them some common cases of fraud and avoid being deceived.

送鸡蛋送礼品被子特价还返现 提醒:这是诈骗套路   ?一条价值1900元的羊毛被,凭预订卡退现金,被子白送!表面上是推销生活用品,实为诈骗敛财。近日,登封警方成功摧毁这样一个犯罪团伙,抓获犯罪嫌疑人9名,追回赃款2万余元。□东方今报记者 李玮 通讯员 袁梦晓   鸡蛋、小礼品当诱饵   9月9日早上6时30分,登封市南环一家宾馆会议室里,坐满了百余名老年人。他们每人手里拿着一张粉色的宣传页,一名叫“小何”的工作人员热情地招呼着大家。   7时,推广会开始,小何拿出几条厂家“特别”推出的被子,滔滔不绝地介绍起这条“澳洲羊毛被”的功能、优点,称该被子价值1900元,现价只要800元。   为了让现场的大爷大妈们相信这被子真的好,小何介绍完产品,还在现场做起了“燃烧”实验,并对现场的大爷大妈们说今天是推广会的第一天,厂家会免费赠送两套给大家做宣传。上午是赠送,下午还会有礼品发放和限时抢购。   散会后,到场的大爷大妈们还每人领到了8个鸡蛋。   凭卡退现金环环设套   由于上午得到礼品的老年人广泛宣传,下午到场的老年人更多了。下午一开场,工作人员就为到场的一二百名老年人发放了小礼品。   之后,工作人员小何又为大家推销下午的产品――菜刀,此菜刀价值198元,厂家活动价只要100元,同时还会赠送一张预订卡,凭借预订卡可以退还100元现金,也就是说刀免费送。一二十名老年人对其深信不疑,纷纷花钱买刀。   推销完菜刀,小何继续推销“澳洲羊毛被”,抢购价只要810元,同时赠送一张预订卡,凭借预订卡还可以退还现金。有了之前的信任,不少大爷大妈花钱买下被子。   可这一次,羊毛被归了大爷大妈,钱却没有退还。见此情形,大爷大妈们才知上当受骗了,于是立即报警。   登封市公安局刑侦一中队接警后,民警经过调查,了解到这帮卖被子人环环设套的诈骗手法。先发些不值钱的小礼品获取好感,赚取人气,让老年人对他们的信任升级。随后拿出自称价值1900元的“澳洲羊毛被”,以810元出售并赠送预订卡,并承诺凭卡退还现金。待取得大量老年人信任后,趁限时抢购的混乱将钱收入口袋,然后驾车逃离现场。   钓鱼诈骗专坑老年人   民警调查发现,此案系团伙作案,被骗的多是老年人。为尽快破案,民警迅速展开走访调查。9月10日,民警发现此团伙在巩义一家宾馆内,正在有组织有计划地进行诈骗。当日下午,该团伙正以同样的方式“推销”产品时,被登封警方当场抓获。   经讯问,民警了解到这伙人以男子何某和张某为首,团伙成员来自湖北、湖南、安徽等地,经网上联络后组团驾车来到登封,车上装满了诈骗用的菜刀、被子、床上四件套、小礼品等物。在登封安顿好后,这伙人便两三人一组,分别展开诈骗活动,主要目标为老年人。   嫌疑人何某称,他们卖羊毛被像钓鱼一样,先下鱼饵、再钓鱼。菜刀、被子都是鱼饵,菜刀价值9.8元,被子价值一二百元。   ■民警提醒   类似诈骗手法中,犯罪分子会以多种形式实施诈骗,如:饮水机、锅等,但是万变不离其宗,犯罪嫌疑人利用老年人爱占小便宜的心理,发放免费的赠品,一步一步将老年人引入骗局中。做子女的应多与老人沟通交流,向其讲述一些常见的诈骗案例,避免上当受骗。相关的主题文章: