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The seven corrupt corruption "portrait" of the three: from "elegance" and "rot", they regret a previous mistake — Shandong Channel – [English] series before the years quietly passed, eighteen since the anti-corruption struggle with vigour and vitality, has also been carried out for nearly four years. Review of anti-corruption process in recent years, iron fisted anti-corruption efforts are unprecedented, there is no "iron hat king", "no," super 100 token granted by the emperor "tiger" into the cage, hundreds of thousands of flies were knocked out, "Fox" overseas net tightening "100 red" is the name of all is to. Accordingly, under the anti corruption storm, the true faces of the corrupt officials were exposed in front of the people. They are in the "smart" performance and become a prisoner of the contradictory results, a qualitative change, like a satire, ironic show all sorts of ugly behaviours. Gradually, people have a clearer understanding of the image of corrupt officials. In front of the public, they will portray their integrity, his image, sing the "anti-corruption" slammed the corrupt justice Ling ran; on the job, they may be buried in work "workaholic" may be good at understanding "the leadership intention" and cleverly executed well subordinates may be good leaders close to the people, may be "three cadres", "star officials", but in the face of political desire, they are obsessed with money and sex, and can not extricate themselves on her depth, forget his own ideal and faith, forget the oath before the flag, forget the hanging on his head Damour Chris’s sword. Justice has long arms, since hand, when one was caught. When they are in prison, the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, they found themselves unable to cover up the "Mask", but is "blinders" type of self deception. Front car, rear car. People’s network? The Communist Party of China News Network tease out seven kinds of corrupt "portrait" of officials in recent years, explore various attitudes of corrupt officials, and unveil their "Mask" for you. Today we launched the third phase, about the "Wanwusangzhi type" the story of the sacked officials. The ancients said: "the boat drowning, the gentleman in a good rider tends to fall, good for evil." Hobby is a double-edged sword for Party members and leading cadres. It can not only cultivate their sentiment and enhance their accomplishment, but also "good", "greedy" and "elegant", and eighteen leading cadres have fallen behind this double-edged sword. Crazy love he can not withstand the temptation of Yucheng comers in June 2013 approved by the central, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Inspection of the former vice governor of Anhui Province, Ni fake. After two months of investigation, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection verified bribery Ni fake, which received large jade, accounting for nearly 80% of the total bribery facts also surfaced. Ni Fake, who served as vice governor of Anhui Province in 2008, worked in charge of land and resources. He had served as an honorary president of the provincial jewelry Association without approval from the organization. He contacted with jade and was out of control and even crazy. Jade is a symbol of identity. It integrates cultural and artistic value, real value and collection value. Jade can raise people, people can raise jade, often contact with jade, and promote the material exchange between jade and human beings. Speaking of jade, Ni cotton spirit, luminous eyes. In a jade, jade play a sense of satisfaction and demand driven, Ni fake: watching TV, reading, lose self-control jade hands; wear long neck will wear a jade pendant; every weekend, the love jade jade spread, a piece of appreciation; every two weeks to fine jade jade, by waxing and oiling; travel to the field, not too busy to squeeze time to the local mall or take a look at the jade market, and even took the opportunity to pass to the origin of jade and jade market; carry a small flashlight, a magnifying glass, to shopping malls, antique jade test their level of reward with jade the boss of the exchange, when the experts and enjoy the thrill of being recognized. Ni Fake also likes "Dou Yu", often about a few players, each with a few pieces of jade, together to appreciate, than who is better than the jade. At this time, Ni Fake has completely forgotten that he is a senior leader and the self – vigilance and self – restraint. Gradually, Ni fake play more outrageous, more and more indulgence. Nee is in love with jade, not only in love, but also for his understanding of its value. He said: "jade has satisfied my desire for the real value of it and the expectation of the value of its collection." Good jade and jade articles are scarce and non renewable. They are rare and valuable, leaving some valuable works and wealth with cultural and artistic taste. They are far more secure and valuable than other money. Flies bite special seam eggs. Some bosses have long coveted the power of the leading cadres in the hands of you, even if you don’t have a hobby. The Anhui first Dachang ore metal material limited company chairman Ji Lichang, the boss again match up, pay for it. But knowing that the jade Ni fake is worth a lot of money, but not mistakenly received the good jade is all. They eat zuiruan, short hand to take people. Ni Fake accepted a lot of benefits from Ji Lichang and Huang and so on. The principles and bottom line was thrown aside, and he used his power to make profits for them. For the sake of Ji Lichang’s development, Ni Fake put down the deputy governor’s "shelf" and ran the EIA and project approval procedures together with them, and misappropriated the state’s issued index to protect the housing land for the company actually controlled by Ji Li Chang, and helped him purchase the iron ore exploration right at a low price. For another "friend" Huang Ni fake, repeated violations around greeting, pressure, help to change the project plan, adjust the volume rate, etc. to avoid punishment, gain from. "Ideological change has led to the change of my life goal, from the past pursuit of Communists’ ideals and beliefs to pursuit of personal pleasure and comparison of extravagant consumption. See others access to high-end consumer sites, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, dinners and money, I also agree and be regarded as a common phenomenon in society." Ni Fake said that he chose to collect and appreciate jade as his pleasure, because "jade is a new high-end commodity and special commodity, and there are tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people. They are absolutely high consumption and luxury goods". Ni Fake said he was fond of his mind, and Ji Lichang and Huang had originally sent him money, and he had been rejected by him. After the good, to send jade, he can not withstand the temptation, and to enjoy as a pleasure and desire, thus deeper. "I know that this is money." Ni Fake said, but he thinks jade, calligraphy and painting, elegant and civilized than cash hidden, put on the hobby coat, to deceive the public. Jade, calligraphy and painting of small price high, value added, easy to keep, easy to concealment, even if found, "jade is priceless, can not be identified. The people who understand you know that you have this hobby, and those who don’t understand do not know what the price is. During the investigation of the organization, Ni Fake once complained: "if the organization reminded or dealt with me for two years earlier, the loss I made to the country would not be so great, and the mistakes I made were not so serious." However, when he calmed down to reflect on his actions, he regretted that he lost the opportunity to save himself again and again. "Now, my intestines are all regrettable. If life could come back, I would never go to this place today. " Ni Fake mok. He is obsessed with photography to meet the individual "pursuit of art" in February 13, 2015 by the public, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of supervision website news, Henan Provincial People’s Congress party secretary and deputy director Qin Yuhai due to violation of the provisions of self-discipline and waste of public property, accepting huge bribes, was expelled from the party, dismissed from public office. The transformation process of Qin Yuhai, and most of his good — the art of photography is inseparable, and his obsession with photography and fame as the shadow follows the form. In December 1998, as an outstanding young cadre, Qin Yuhai, 45 years old, was from Heilongjiang to Jiaozuo, Henan. He served as the deputy secretary and mayor of the municipal Party committee. He served as the Secretary of the municipal Party Committee 2 years later. In the past 5 years, in his for promotion, the adjustment of economic structure in Jiaozuo City, vigorously develop the tourism industry, achieved by the "black" to "green" gorgeous turn. Yuntai Mountain is also named as the 5A scenic tourist area. And photography, in this period, walked into his work and life, and eventually subverted his life. Qin Yuhai was in the "Chinese photographer" magazine published an article "how do I go on the road of photography", the paper wrote: "(Jiaozuo" from black to green ") after thinking OK, I began to mobilize the Jiaozuo local landscape photographers. But then I found that the Jiaozuo landscape works photographed by the photographer in general and the distance I see, can not accurately show the beauty of Jiaozuo’s landscape. Because I also love photography, I picked up the camera and took them together. It’s called "filming together", but in Qin Yuhai’s mind, everyone else is just a foil. Only he can make the best and best reflect the beautiful scenery of Yuntai Mountain. Since then, his photography works, as the representative of Yuntai Mountain’s propaganda and promotion, are suspended in the subway stations in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Qin Yuhai is famous. Listening to the exaggerated touts of the people around him, Qin Yuhai more and more felt that he had excellent talent in photography. So the problem changed, and most directly, his attitude toward Photography – from his first hobby to becoming obsessed. "He will go up to the mountains almost every weekend and holiday." Mention Qin Yuhai, Yuntai Mountain tourism scenic area staff wurenbuxiao. It may not be a good job at the local level. But Qin Yuhai was promoted to vice governor and provincial public security bureau director in 2004. He still keeps a high mountain climbing frequency. And it takes at least 4 hours to drive back and forth from Zhengzhou to Yuntai Mountain. Qin Yuhai told reporters, at that time, the "Crazy" of photography and drug use is. He can put the textbook on the table, carefully read the forget to eat; can take a good photo, night night without sleep, repeatedly try to figure out the secret; for as soon as possible to see the photos, he can make people from Yuntai Mountain to Beijing when the upcoming film prints. Qin Yuhai’s hobby began to deform. The central file, he never read the meeting speech, absent-minded, just read the manuscript. He is no longer concerned with what he can do in his work. He said, his life is clearly defined, that is to be a photographer. His pursuit of life value, from one heart to doing good work, to "take photography to the extreme". He is pleased to serve as honorary chairman, Henan province Photographers Association China Photographers Association, and feel that this is a recognition of his photography achievement; frequently attend various kinds of activities pertaining to photography, some people often have the right to speak and photography, together to eat meal "to communicate"…… "Photography is poor for three generations and a single reversal of life". This sentence, circulated in society, is enough to explain how the photography is "burning money". More than ten years, Qin Yuhai photography "burning" up to tens of millions. But, in his words, "he has never spent a penny," and Yuntai Mountain was treated as a private account at random. Survey shows that from 2004 to 2012, at his request, the Yuntai Mountain company has spent about 1000000 yuan of public funds for the purchase of photographic equipment, including Hasselblad, Lin Haofu and other camera brands, a total of 24. From 2010 to 2014, Qin Yuhai arranged for Yuntai Mountain company to spend 1 million 660 thousand yuan to purchase its photographic real water album, which spent 145 thousand yuan to print photographic calendars for it, and 33 yuan for its settlement and photo flushing. In December 2009, by the Yuntai Mountain company "to landscape photography exhibition" of the machine, he asked specifically to increase his personal photography exhibition, the exhibition a total cost of 74 yuan. It includes all the expenses of Qin Yuhai and his family going to the field for photography or taking part in the photo exhibition, and so on, all of which are paid by the Yuntai Mountain company. And this is just a "big account". Every time, Qin Yuhai’s "spectrum" is very large, and there are four or five fewer accompanying persons, and more than ten. All the expenses of these people are in charge of the Yuntai Mountain company. Villa villa manager Chen Chu said, every time they go forward with great strength and vigour a pedestrian accommodation, have to be "VIP" status arrangement. Especially, in the period from January 2013 to July 2014, after the eight Central regulations were promulgated, Qin Yuhai still went to Yuntai Mountain for the 39 time, and openly accepted the official reception and public funds to eat and drink. From the original "without you is not in Yuntai Mountain now, Qin Yuhai has been completely transformed into a" Kaoshanchishan "bandit"". Yuntai Mountain staff said, "in fact, in fact, Yuntai Mountain has made Qin Yuhai a photographer." In recent years, our Yuntai Mountain company has invested a lot of money, material and human resources in supporting Qin Yuhai’s photographic creation, making him do many exhibitions in photography, which made him famous in photography. Whether Qin Yuhai’s photography is for public or private, the answer is self-evident. But why is no one over the years, pierce this window paper? It is undoubtedly because of Qin Yuhai’s leadership. Qin Yuhai also did not deny that: "I am the party secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress. In the past, I served as vice governor and Secretary of the Jiaozuo Municipal Committee. Their company and personal development are under the influence and restriction of my position, so they can’t ask me for money." According to the investigation, since 2001, Qin Yuhai has also taken advantage of the convenience of his job to receive nearly 30 million yuan from a unit and a person, such as the chairman of the chairman of the Jiaozuo home company, Liu Mou. "Not like me, put all thoughts, all in the pursuit of good up, but can not be like money or attach breath, good will for alienation of" Ya rot "." In the survey, Yu Hai Qin is wrong in themselves either, let love more of the industry, thus distorting their pursuit of value, and then changed his life to. Crazy like the teapot is called "pot county Party Secretary brother" for illegally accepting bribes totaling 16 million 285 thousand and 368 yuan, 201 thousand and 882 yuan currency value of Macao gold bars three, November 16, 2015, the former party secretary of Jiangxi Xiajiang County song copper was eventually sentenced to 15 years in prison. The reporter found that the "purple sand pot" was mentioned 112 times in the song copper case, and the 45 time mentioned "the purchase of the pot money". As a county Party Secretary song copper although the position is not high, but because the hobby of collecting the teapot and was known as the "kettle elder brother", eventually because of damage caused by the good, the high value of the teapot as he bribes a Bibi proof. The drowning, the gentleman in a good rider tends to fall, good for evil". Song Tongxi good teapot almost "Crazy", some of my friends tried to persuade him, but he must not Wanwusangzhi, I am still my old self. In the bribe, the pots bought more than 1200 million yuan. Among the many businessmen who frequently bribed song copper, Xiao Junping bought the highest value of the purple sand pot for song copper. One day in January 2013, Xiao Junping, the head of Jiangxi universal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., received a call from Song copper to get him to Wuxi, Jiangsu. After the meeting, song copper took Xiao Junping to the master craft shop, and bought the purple sand pot. He chose 2 purple clay pots in the bronze and the price was 3 million 200 thousand yuan. After Song copper asked Xiao Junping to pay for it. According to the investigators, when song copper learned that its purple sand pot had been completed, it often made some businessmen arrive at Yixing overnight to help him to pay, or even to "blow up" cards for him. Sometimes in order to deceive the public, let the song copper responsible for paying merchants loaded into their own driver. A process called master Bao Xing, song copper bought two pot in the Museum of art, he confessed his driver to go to the bank credit card to pay. Witnesses confirmed that the driver’s true identity is a Aluminum Inc in Jiangxi legal representative Wu Moumou, he spent 1 million 180 thousand yuan to buy 5 song, copper teapot, copper in the song’s care, the company declared a successful regeneration project of comprehensive utilization of resources, and obtain 10 million yuan of project funds. According to the investigators, song copper made two hundred or three hundred purple sand pots for merchants to buy, except for their own safekeeping part, others were left to others for safekeeping. For example, in October 2013, song copper let merchant Yao hair treasure to go to Yixing to help himself to see the 12 purple sand pot to buy the bill, and bring back to Xiajiang for custody. By the end of 2013 to early 2014, the song of copper has two times from a total of 8 FA Bao Yao back to the rest of the teapot, teapot still placed in custody at the FA Bao Yao, until the incident. They eat zuiruan, short hand to take people. Investigators said that after accepting a lot of benefits from pan and others, the principles and the bottom line were thrown aside. 例如,江西一家制药公司法人肖某曾以为宋铜报销发票和购买紫砂壶的名义花费519万余元,以此感谢宋铜对他的医药公司在申报国家医保目录药品价格定价、返还土地出让金等方面的关照。 The input of Pan Mou, a real estate agent that once bought the purple sand pot "brush explosion card" for song copper, has also been rewarded. The song of copper not only for his real estate development projects to provide help, even in Panmou relatives Yang Zhuangen for producing and selling counterfeit products by the judicial organs for handling cases, to take care of the judicial intervention, trying to help Yang Zhuangen mitigated punishment. Summary: there is no reason why people have hobbies. But for leading cadres, hobbies are not as simple as private affairs, often "pulling one’s hair and moving the whole body". Love a good, have, for the cultivation of temperament, mental health is really good; excessive love no Festival, good, often will be the incentive for corruption, become the trap of life. Because the collection of calligraphy and painting, porcelain, jade, wine and other hobbies means high consumption, requires a lot of money to support the leading cadres, if not, what he choose, self-restraint, easily become money traders coveted goal. Some have an ulterior motive, is the hobby of leading cadres, the Bo love, in order to achieve the purpose of match up, not to be divulged. The problem of style is the hotbed of corruption. We must see that leading cadres Wanwusangzhi, essence is typical of hedonism and wasteful. A large number of cases, including the case of Qin Yuhai, Ni fake, has repeatedly shown that some cadres degenerate, is often, small taste of childhood hobby began, and then gradually ease and indulge in the pursuit of pleasure and extravagance, eventually getting deeper, degenerated into corrupt elements. A large number of Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, must have a deep understanding that hedonism prevails, which not only corrupts cadres, damages images, but also harms public trust and corrupts the atmosphere. It not only weakens the cohesion of the party itself, but also dispels the essence of society. Let the spread can not be effectively curbed, it will be like an invisible wall separated the party and the masses of the people, will be like the flesh and blood ties a ruthless knife cut off with the masses, our party will lose the foundation, blood loss, loss of power. (soliciting contributions for the period (Li Yuan) commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin)

贪官七大腐败“画像”之三:由"雅"而"腐",他们悔不当初–山东频道–人民网 【编前语】岁月的年轮悄然走过,十八大以来轰轰烈烈的反腐败斗争,也已经进行了近四年。回顾近几年的反腐历程,铁拳反腐力度空前,没有“铁帽子王”,没有“丹书铁券”,超百“虎”入笼,数十万“苍蝇”被打落,海外“猎狐”大网不断收紧,“百名红通”的名字正一个个被划去。 相应的,在反贪风暴下,一个个贪官的真实嘴脸被暴露在人们面前。他们在位的“高明”表演与沦为阶下囚结果的自相矛盾,质的变化,活像一幕讽刺剧,丑态百出,令人啼笑皆非。渐渐的,人们对贪官形象有了更清晰的认识。 在公众面前,他们有人意刻画自己廉洁奉公、嫉恶如仇的形象,大唱“反腐经”,猛烈抨击腐败分子,正义凌然;在工作岗位上,他们可能是一心扑在工作上的“工作狂”,可能是善于领会“领导意图”并巧妙执行的好下属,可能是亲近百姓的好领导,可能是“三好干部”、“明星官员”,但在政治欲望、金钱美色面前,他们却对声色犬马深度迷恋、无法自拔,忘记了自己的理想和信仰,忘记了在党旗前的誓言,忘记了高悬在自己头顶的达摩克里斯之剑。 “天网恢恢疏而不漏”,既然伸了手,终有被捉时。当他们东窗事发,身陷囹圄时,才发现自己的“假面”根本无力掩盖,只不过是“一叶障目”式的自欺欺人。 前车覆,后车鉴。人民网?中国共产党新闻网梳理出近年来落马官员的七种腐败“画像”,探究贪官的多样心态,为您揭开他们的“假面”。今天我们推出第三期,讲述“玩物丧志型”落马官员的故事。 古人云:“好船者溺,好骑者堕,君子各以所好为祸。”爱好,对党员领导干部来说是一把双刃剑,既可以培育情操,提升修养,也可能由“好”而“贪”、由“雅”而“腐”,十八大以来,不少领导干部倒在了这把双刃剑下。 爱玉成痴 他难抵诱惑来者不拒 2013年6月,经中央批准,中央纪委对安徽省原副省长倪发科立案检查。经过两个多月的调查,中央纪委查实了倪发科的受贿问题,其收受大量玉石,占受贿总额近八成的事实也浮出水面。 倪发科2008年担任安徽省副省长后,分管国土资源工作,未经组织审批同意,就担任了省珠宝协会名誉会长,接触上了玉石,从此一发不可收拾,甚至到了疯狂的地步。 “玉石是身份的象征,集文化艺术价值、现实价值和收藏价值为一体,玉能养人,人能养玉,经常与玉接触能促进玉与人的物质交换。”说起玉石,倪发科顿感精神,眼睛发光。 在赏玉、玩玉的需求感和满足感的驱使下,倪发科不能自已:看电视、看书,玉不离手;穿得多时,脖子上还要戴上一个玉石挂件;每到周末,把喜欢的玉石玉器铺开,一件一件欣赏;每隔两周,给精品玉石玉器逐一打蜡、上油;到外地出差,再忙也要挤时间到当地的玉器市场或商场看一看,甚至借机绕道到玉石产地和玉石市场;随身携带小电筒、放大镜,到商场、古玩城检验自己的赏玉水平,在与玉石老板的交流中,享受当专家和被认同的快感。 倪发科还喜欢“斗玉”,常约上几个玩家,各带几块好玉,一起欣赏,比比谁的玉好。此时的倪发科,已全然忘了自己是高级领导干部的身份和该有的自我警醒、自我约束。渐渐地,倪发科玩得越来越出格,越来越放纵。 倪发科钟情于玉石,不止于爱好,更因为他深谙其价值。他说:“玉石满足了我对它现实价值的贪欲感和对收藏价值的期盼。好的玉石玉器资源稀缺,不可再生,物以稀为贵,给后代留些有价值、有文化艺术品位的优秀作品和财富,远比留其他钱财更安全,也更有价值和意义。” 苍蝇专叮有缝的蛋。一些老板早就觊觎领导干部手中的权力,就怕你没爱好。安徽首矿大昌金属材料有限公司监事会主席吉立昌等老板就一次次投其所好,为其买单。而倪发科明知玉石价值不菲,却照收不误,对好的和田玉更是来者不拒。 吃人家嘴软,拿人家手短。倪发科接受了吉立昌、黄某某等老板送的大量好处后,原则、底线被抛在一边,利用手中的权力大肆为他们牟利。 为了吉立昌公司的发展,倪发科放下副省长的“架子”,和其一起跑环评、项目审批手续,为吉立昌实际控制的公司挪用国家下达的保障房用地指标,帮助其以低价购买铁矿探矿权。对于另一个“信赖的朋友”黄某某,倪发科屡次违规四处打招呼、施加压力,帮助其更改项目规划、调整容积率、逃避处罚等,使其从中获取巨大收益。 “思想上的变化导致我的人生目标追求随之发生变化,由过去追求共产党人的理想信念,到追求个人享乐、攀比奢靡消费。看到别人出入高档消费场所,喝名酒、抽名烟,请客送礼一掷千金,我也认同并将其看成是社会普遍现象。”倪发科说,他选择收取、欣赏玉石作为自己的享乐,是因为“玉石是新型的高档商品、特殊商品,一块上万、几十万的都有,绝对是高消费、奢侈品”。 倪发科说,他被喜好冲昏了头脑,吉立昌和黄某某最初给他送钱送物,也曾被他拒绝。后投其所好,改送玉石,他便难抵诱惑,并作为一种乐趣和欲望来享受,从而越陷越深。 “我也知道这是权钱交易。”倪发科说,但他认为玉石、字画比现金高雅、文明、隐蔽,披上爱好的外衣,更能掩人耳目。玉石、字画物小价高,保值增值,易保管,易隐蔽,即使被人发现,“玉石无价,无法认定。懂的人知道你有这爱好,不懂的人也不知道什么价钱”。 在接受组织调查时,倪发科曾经抱怨:“如果组织上早提醒或早处理我两年,我给国家造成的损失也不至于这么大,自己犯的错误也不至于这么严重。”然而,当他冷静下来反思自己的举动,后悔的是,自己一次又一次失去自我挽救的机会。“现在,肠子都悔青了。如果人生可以重来,我决不会走到今天这个地步。”倪发科痛悔莫及。 痴迷摄影 他用公权满足个人“艺术追求” 2015年2月13日,中央纪委监察部网站发布消息,河南省人大常委会原党组书记、副主任秦玉海因违反廉洁自律规定、挥霍浪费公共财产、收受巨额贿赂等问题,被开除党籍、开除公职。秦玉海的蜕变过程,大多与他的雅好――艺术摄影分不开,与他痴迷摄影、追名逐利如影随形。 1998年12月,作为重点培养的优秀年轻干部,45岁的秦玉海从黑龙江省交流到河南省焦作市任市委副书记、市长,2年后担任市委书记。短短5年中,在他的力主推动下,焦作市调整经济结构,大力发展旅游业,实现了由“黑”到“绿”的华丽转身。云台山也迅速扬名全国,被国家列为5A级风景旅游区。而摄影,就是在这期间走进他的工作和生活,并最终颠覆了他的人生。 秦玉海曾在《中国摄影家》杂志上发表过一篇文章《我是如何走上摄影之路的》,文中写道:“(焦作‘由黑变绿’)思路确定之后,我就开始动员焦作的摄影家拍摄本地山水。但之后我发现,摄影家拍摄的焦作山水作品总体上和我所看到的还有距离,还不能准确表现焦作山水的秀美。因我也喜爱摄影,就拿起相机和他们一起去拍。” 说是“一起拍”,但在秦玉海的心里,其他人都只是陪衬,只有他才能拍出最好、最能反映云台山优美风光的精品。此后,他的摄影作品被作为云台山宣传推广的代表作,在北京、上海等大城市的地铁站中悬挂。秦玉海出名了。听着身边人夸张的吹捧,秦玉海愈发觉得,他在摄影艺术上具有卓越的才能。于是,问题发生了改变,最直接的就是他对摄影的态度――从起初的爱好逐渐变成了痴迷。 “他几乎每周末和节假日都会上山摄影”。提起秦玉海,云台山旅游景区的工作人员无人不晓。在当地任职,这也许算不了什么,但秦玉海从2004年升任副省长、省公安厅厅长后,仍然保持着较高的上山频率,而从郑州到云台山开车来回至少需要4个小时。 秦玉海告诉记者,那个时候,对摄影的“痴狂”与吸毒无异。他可以把摄影教材放在饭桌上,认真研读忘了吃饭;可以为拍好一张照片,一夜一夜地不睡,反复揣摩其中奥妙;为尽快看到照片效果,他可以让人当即将胶片从云台山送到北京洗印。 秦玉海的爱好开始畸形。对中央的文件,他再没有认真看过,开会讲话心不在焉,随便念念稿子。他不再关心能在工作上做出什么成就。他说,自己人生的定位明确了,就是要当摄影家。他的人生价值追求,从一心想干好工作,转为“把摄影做到极致”。 他欣然担任河南省摄影家协会名誉主席、中国摄影家协会理事,并觉得“这是对自己摄影艺术成就的一种认可”;频频出席各类与摄影有关的活动,经常和摄影界有发言权的一些人,在一起吃吃饭“沟通感情”…… “摄影穷三代,单反毁一生”,社会上流传的这句话,足以说明摄影是多么“烧钱”的行当。十余年间,秦玉海为摄影“烧”的钱高达千万。但是,用他的话讲,“自己却从没有花过一分钱”,云台山被他当作了随意支取的私人账户。 调查显示,2004至2012年,在他的要求下,云台山公司先后动用100多万元公款为其购买摄影器材,包括哈苏、林好夫等世界名牌相机,共24件。2010年至2014年,秦玉海先后安排云台山公司花费166万元购买其摄影作品《真水》画册,花费14.5万元为其印制摄影作品挂历,为其结算照片冲洗费33万余元。2009年12月,借云台山公司“赴韩风光摄影展”之机,他要求专门增加其个人摄影作品展,展览共花费74万余元。包括秦玉海及其家人赴外地摄影或参加摄影展的所有费用,等等,都由云台山公司买单。 而这只是算得出的“大账”。每次上山,秦玉海的“谱”都很大,各式陪同人员少则四五个,多则十几个。而这些人的所有花费开销都由云台山公司负责。云台山庄经理褚晨明说,每次他们浩浩荡荡一行人的吃住,都须以“贵宾”身份安排。 尤为恶劣的是,在中央八项规定出台后的2013年1月至2014年7月,秦玉海仍然39次上云台山摄影,公然接受公务接待、公款吃喝。从当初的“没有您就没有云台山”到如今,秦玉海已彻底蜕变成“靠山吃山”的“山贼”。云台山工作人员说,“从实际情况看,还是云台山成就了秦玉海这个摄影家。我们云台山公司这些年在支持秦玉海摄影创作方面投入了很大的财力、物力、人力,使得他在多地办摄影展,才使他在摄影界出了名。” 秦玉海摄影究竟是为公还是为私,答案已不言而喻。但为什么多年来,就是没人捅破这层窗户纸呢?无疑是因为秦玉海的领导干部身份。秦玉海也不讳言:“我是省人大常委会的党组书记、副主任,过去还担任过副省长、焦作市委书记,他们公司和个人的发展,都处于我的职务影响和制约下,他们不可能向我要钱。”据调查,2001年以来,秦玉海还利用职务便利,收受焦作某置业公司董事长刘某等单位和个人贿赂近3000万元。 “不能像我这样,把所有的心思、所有的追求都放到雅好上去了,更不能将爱好附上铜臭气息,否则雅好终将异化为‘雅腐’。”在接受调查时,秦玉海后悔不迭,自己错就错在让爱好越了界,从而扭曲了自己的价值追求,进而改变了自己的人生走向。 疯狂喜好紫砂壶 县委书记被称“壶哥” 因非法收受他人贿赂共计人民币1628.5368万元,价值澳门币20.1882万元的金条三根,2015年11月16日,江西峡江县原县委书记宋铜最终被判处有期徒刑15年。 记者梳理发现,在宋铜案的判决书中共112次提到“紫砂壶”,45次提到“购壶款”。作为一名县委书记,宋铜虽然职位不高,却因爱好收集紫砂壶而被人称为“壶哥”,最终因好致害,那一把把价值不菲的紫砂壶成为他受贿的一笔笔铁证。 “好船者溺,好骑者堕,君子各以所好为祸”。宋铜喜好紫砂壶几近“疯狂”,一些朋友曾劝他,切不可玩物丧志,但他依然故我。在其所收受贿赂中,购壶款就达1200余万元。而在频频向宋铜行贿的众多商人中,肖军平为宋铜买单的紫砂壶价值最高。 2013年1月的一天,江西普正制药有限公司负责人肖军平接到宋铜打来的电话,让他赶到江苏无锡一趟。见面后,宋铜将肖军平带到工艺大师路朔良家中购买紫砂壶,宋铜选中2把紫砂壶,谈好价格为320万元,后宋铜要求肖军平付款。 办案人员介绍,宋铜得知自己心仪的紫砂壶完工后,还常常让一些商人连夜赶到宜兴帮他付款,甚至为他“刷爆”卡。 有时为了掩人耳目,宋铜让这些负责买单的商人装成自己的司机。一位鲍姓工艺大师称,宋铜在其艺术馆买了两把壶后,便交代他的“司机”去银行刷卡付钱。有证人证实,这名司机的真实身份是江西一家铝业公司法定代表人吴某某,他曾花费118万元,为宋铜购买了5把紫砂壶,在宋铜的关照下,这家公司成功申报再生资源综合利用项目,并获得1000万元项目资金。 办案人员透露,宋铜让商人帮忙购买的紫砂壶多达两三百把,除了他自己保管一部分外,还有一部分交给他人代为保管。例如,2013年10月,宋铜让商人姚发宝前去宜兴帮自己看中的12把紫砂壶买单,并带回峡江代为保管。 2013年底至2014年初,宋铜先后两次从姚发宝处共计拿回8把紫砂壶,其余的紫砂壶仍放在姚发宝处代为保管,直到案发。 吃人家嘴软,拿人家手短。办案人员介绍,宋铜在接受了潘某等人输送的大量好处后,原则、底线被抛在一边,利用手中的权力大肆为他们牟利。 例如,江西一家制药公司法人肖某曾以为宋铜报销发票和购买紫砂壶的名义花费519万余元,以此感谢宋铜对他的医药公司在申报国家医保目录药品价格定价、返还土地出让金等方面的关照。 曾经为宋铜购买紫砂壶“刷爆卡”的房地产商潘某的投入同样得到了回报。宋铜不仅为他开发房地产项目提供帮助,甚至在潘某的亲属杨专根因生产、销售伪劣产品被司法机关处理的情况下,出面关照干预司法,试图帮杨专根减轻处罚。 小结: 人有爱好无可厚非。但对于领导干部来说,爱好决非一己私事那么简单,往往是“牵一发而动全身”。爱之有道、好之有度,对于怡养性情、心理健康确实是有好处的;爱之无节、好之无度,则往往会成为腐败的诱因,成为人生的陷阱。因为,收藏玉石、字画、名酒、瓷器等兴趣爱好意味着高消费,是需要大量财力来支撑的,领导干部如果不量力而行、慎加选择、自我约束,极易成为权钱交易者觊觎的目标。而一些别有用心者,正是利用领导干部的爱好,博其所爱,投其所好,以达到不可告人的目的。 作风问题是腐败的温床。必须看到,领导干部玩物丧志,实质上就是典型的享乐主义和奢靡之风。包括倪发科、秦玉海等案在内的大量案例一再表明,一些干部蜕化变质,往往是从小爱好、小情趣开始的,然后逐渐沉溺于贪图安逸、追求享乐、奢侈浪费,最终越陷越深、堕落为腐败分子。广大党员干部特别是领导干部必须深刻认识到,享乐主义盛行,不仅腐蚀干部、损害形象,也危害公信、败坏风气;不仅弱化党自身的凝聚力,也消解着社会的“精气神”。任由其蔓延而得不到有效遏制,就会像一座无形的墙把党和人民群众隔开,就会像一把无情的刀割断党同人民群众的血肉联系,我们党就会失去根基、失去血脉、失去力量。 (本期组稿 李源) (责编:聂俊穹、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: