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The school for parents at the school gate at 4 in the afternoon to maintain order netizen exploded yesterday, netizen "Chi Ming purple cherry" post – "son of the kindergarten, the parents received nursing (reporters note: have long at the school gate guard) message, always feel very confused, I hope a person with breadth of vision can answer one or two. The children went to school every day by our two husband and wife, and went to the class and watched him go in. Do not understand that the school requires us to protect, what to protect? "Kindergartens usually leave school at about 4 p.m., at this point, most of us are still working. I have consulted the school, whether it can be replaced by grandparents and grandparents, the school does not agree, it is necessary for parents to participate in person. School leaders can take into account the vital interests of our parents, and it is not easy to work now. The gate of the kindergarten to school time school need our parents to heavy traffic, to maintain order, I think this idea is really boring. In addition to creating friction for parents and parents on duty, there is nothing to think about. " Most of the netizens thought that nursing school didn’t need to post, and exploded on the Internet. Most netizens thought "Chi Ming purple cherry" is right. Netizens "Zhu Xiaomei 9009": I can understand Lou Zhu. The school has made such a stipulation that it is difficult for the parents of the ordinary office workers. Why don’t you think more about the difficulties of parents? For the children to learn the safety, you can ask a few teachers or security, as for the cost, as long as it is not too far away, I think the parents can accept. Netizens "bored dolls": children read a book is not easy, ah, kindergarten to primary school 9 years of learning process, parents need to participate in the escort, for fear of missing what notice, and always pay attention to. Not to participate actively is not to cooperate with the school, teachers work, to participate in the words must sacrifice work time. Netizen "roadside grass": I also hate this, but there is no way, say white, is standing there watching mobile phone, form, waste of time. The net friend "I am drunken gentleman happy": think this parent question also has reason. Anyway, every time I turn to my nursing school, I think it’s a dead letter: we neither command the power of traffic nor have the ability to speak. HXZZH: when I was small belly to guard, just sit the confinement shift, Andy lay the baby in the car to accompany me to the kindergarten when Andy, is sitting in the buggy rain guard to accompany me, now Dabao on the first grade, the teacher said primary school each period a nursing school, collapse. Some parents feel that there is a necessity for parents to learn nursing. Netizens "Dangdang and Pi Pi": our school also has one semester, the most time is the turn. Netizen "supermoon": time to write this post, the work of the hands of tight tight, the nursing school for half an hour out. It’s all about complaining, and I don’t know who’s the reason. Netizen "duplicity" in 6620: the school time you look at the school gate traffic is a mess. Say you go to nursing school Gang, your child must be very happy, this is the original intention to the safety of students, understanding long live! 现场探访 家长护学岗工作量不大昨天下午3点40分,记者到了下城区一所幼儿园和一所小学,实地探访家长的护学岗。 Go to a kindergarten first. Twenty or thirty parents set up a long line at the door of the kindergarten. After school time, parents take turns to walk into the kindergarten, brush the campus card to take their own children. On the side of the card machine stood a mother wearing a red vest. The mother said she asked for leave to attend the nursing activities. Every semester, every parent would take part in it. There was nothing else to do, keep order and see parents swiping. A primary school in the vicinity of Lin Shi. 4 No, the school gate has been pulled up 20 meters long guard line, the school gate is separated out of a meter wide area, the car can not come. Outside the security zone, parked a car battery, and on the edge of a briquette furnace in boiling water. At the school gate, two security guards are on duty. On the front of the road, a police station and a police are on duty. Two parents nursing volunteers in security under the guidance of chest wearing ribbons, standing at the school gate on both sides. The ribbon reads "a hard day, at a year". In primary school, a parent stood at the door. Reporter Ge Yaqi took the primary school entrance is a six or seven meter wide one-way street, with the children to get up more, the school gate immediately congested up. After school, the car drove through, the battery car passed through the crevice, and many drivers flared impatiently. This is the busiest road on the security and police continue to persuade, "master, don’t press the horn." "Stop the parent battery car, don’t stop it." In contrast, the parents of the two guards in the guard line were basically nothing, occasionally looking at the mobile phone and occasionally a few students, calling them not to run. One of the parents of the nursing school said she was on duty to help relatives. "The father and mother of the child all have to go to work, and I live on the side. Before I went to the post, I asked the security master, what to do. The security master said, there was nothing special, standing there and keeping order, I felt very easy. Master of security and the police are doing well." To pick up children from school, most of them are grandparents and other elders, and they don’t have much to pick up their children. At the door of the kindergarten and primary school, the reporter interviewed some parents randomly, and they had different views on whether to take part in "nursing education" or not. A grandfather said that there were many security guards and police officers at the school gate, and there was nothing to do with the parents’ nursing. What does old man have to do with a plastic stick? One parent said, the parents to help school work should be, but do not really use nursing school, if really have what thing, or need professional personnel to handle emergency situations. Some parents said, "some parents send their children to school, they always stop the car at the school gate. This time, the parents who keep order at school gate have a great effect in persuasion. A spirit is full of the grandfather said: "parents or to the school, after all, once a semester, and half an hour. Together to help the security master manage, also should. But now the parents are going to work, it’s not a good time to get together. This kind of thing makes us good. " Xuejun primary school, primary school level nursing school has been canceled greatly Caihe two small nursing school yesterday, we asked some of the Hangzhou primary school, most schools have a nursing school. Xuejun primary school president Wang Peixin said: "the nursing school Xuejun primary school, the parents of each volunteer, after all the parents arranged in class, everyone according to schedule to nursing. Everyone is very enthusiastic about signing up. Some parents really don’t have time. We don’t ask for it. The key to the management of the school gate is the order. Vehicles and pedestrians should follow the rules. The security guards at the school gate, the teachers in the weeks, and our traffic police, security guards, parents attending the nursing school are making contributions to ensure the order and safety at the school gate. "Some people say that the nursing school is limited, it is difficult to say. The security of the campus is not only traffic safety, but also the security of the public. It is necessary to participate in all aspects of the people. One more participation, that is, one more force, we strive to ensure the safe and healthy growth of the children. In addition, parents in nursing school, also set an example for our children, let the children learn to help each other, learn to give." Hangzhou Daguan primary school, located in the main road traffic Moganshan Road side, President Luo Caijun said: "the parents set up nursing school, so there is a need. Daguan primary school has a weekly class. In the weekly class, 3 parents participate in the morning and evening nursing activities. With the door on security, traffic police, Police Association, about 8 people in the team, to ensure the safety of school children. "In the morning on the Moganshan Road, a lot of people battery car very fast, mom and dad drove to school children, in the car will take care of everything, to the school, the door opened, nursing parents led the children off to the school gate, security. The parents’ cars are moving quickly, like drums and flowers that do not cause traffic congestion, and don’t worry about the child being injured by an electric car. " "Parents of nursing schools have special uniforms, and parents are very supportive of this activity, and we dedicate one day to the rest of the year for the rest of the rest of the year. The children are very happy, too. What a spirit my mother is on duty today. " Also canceled the nursing school primary school. The teacher said Mao Caihe two small, two early nursing school, parents enroll in. But it has been cancelled now. Mao said, "the main reason is that the school set up a police room. Every time when school is open, there are at least 2 security guards at the school gate, and 1 security guards around it. It is advised that cars should not enter the path at the school gate. Every day at the school gate at least 2 of the value of the week there are 4 teachers, police, and the police station to maintain order. Although there are more than 2000 students in the school, but still maintain a good order. The power of maintaining order at the door has been full, and parents do not need to help again. "

学校让家长下午4点在校门维持秩序 网友炸开锅昨天,网友“赤铭紫樱”发帖——“儿子上幼儿园,每次收到这种家长护学(记者注:上下学家长在校门口站岗)的短信,总是觉得很迷惑,希望有识之士能解答一二。孩子每天上学都是我们两夫妻送去的,一直到班里看着他进去。不明白的是,学校要求我们护学,护什么?“幼儿园一般下午4点左右放学,这个点,我们大部分人都还在上班。我已经咨询过学校,是否可以让爷爷奶奶代替,学校表示不同意,一定要家长亲自参与。学校领导们能不能考虑到我们家长的切身利益,毕竟现在工作也不容易。幼儿园门口一到放学时间就车水马龙,学校需要我们家长来维持秩序,我觉得这个点子真的很无聊。除了替开车的家长和执勤的家长制造点摩擦,想不出还有什么意义。”短信通知图绝大多数网友觉得护学没有必要帖子发出后,在网上炸开了,绝大多数网友觉得“赤铭紫樱”说的有道理—网友“朱小妹9009”:很能理解楼主。学校出了这样的规定,对于一般的上班族家长来说,确实有困难。为什么就不能多考虑家长的难处呢?为了孩子上下学的安全,可以多请几个老师或者保安,至于费用,只要不是太离谱,我想家长都能接受。网友“无聊娃娃”:孩子读点书真心不容易啊,幼儿园到小学的9年学习全程都要家长参与陪同,生怕漏了老师什么通知消息,时时要关注重视。不积极参与就是不配合学校、老师工作,参加的话必须牺牲上班时间。网友“路边草”:我也讨厌这个,可是没有办法,说白了,就是站在那里看手机,形式而已,浪费时间。网友“我醉君复乐”:觉得这位家长质疑得也有道理。反正每次轮到我护学,都觉得是形同虚设:我们既没指挥交通的权力也没那能力,说句难听点的,最多也就能在孩子真被擦了碰了时冲过去保护一下……网友HXZZH:小班时候我是挺着大肚子去站岗的,中班时候刚坐完月子,小宝躺婴儿车里陪我去的,大班时候小宝一岁,也是坐婴儿车里冒着雨陪我站岗的,现在大宝上一年级了,老师说小学每学期也有护学岗,奔溃啊。也有一部分家长觉得“家长护学”有一定必要性——网友“当当和皮皮”:这个我们学校也有,一个学期下来最多才轮到一次呀。网友“超月”说:有时间写这个帖子,手上工作紧一紧,护学岗的半小时也抽出来了。这都要抱怨,也不知是谁的原因。网友“口是心非6620”:上学放学时间你看看学校门口的交通是有多乱。再说你去护学岗,你家孩子肯定很开心的,这个的初衷也是为了学生的安全,理解万岁吧!现场探访 家长护学岗工作量不大昨天下午3点40分,记者到了下城区一所幼儿园和一所小学,实地探访家长的护学岗。先到一家幼儿园。二三十位家长们在幼儿园门口排起了长队。放学时间到了,家长们轮流走进幼儿园,刷校园卡领走自己的孩子。刷卡机边上,站着一位穿着红马甲的妈妈,这位妈妈说,她是请假来参加护学活动的,一学期每个家长都会参加一次,站着没其他事,维持下秩序,看家长刷卡。林司后附近的一所小学。4点不到,学校门口已经拉起了20米长的警戒线,在校门口隔出了一米宽的区域,车子进不来。这块安全区域的外面,停满了电瓶车,边上还有一只煤饼炉在烧开水。学校门口,两位保安在执勤。门前道路上,一位派出所民警和一位协警,也在执勤。两位家长护学志愿者,在保安指导下,前胸戴上绶带,站在学校门口的两侧执勤。他们的绶带上写着“辛苦一天,安心一年”字样。小学放学,一位家长在门口站岗。记者 葛亚琪 摄小学门口是一条六七米宽的单行道,随着接孩子的人多起来,校门口马上拥堵起来。放学了,汽车一辆接着一辆开过,电瓶车则从缝隙里快速过去,很多驾驶员不耐烦地按响喇叭。这时候最忙的是道路上的保安和协警,不断劝说“师傅喇叭不要按。”“家长电瓶车停远一点,不要堵起来。”相对来说,警戒线内的两位护学的家长,基本没事情,偶尔看下手机,偶尔管一下个别学生,叫他们不要跑。其中一位护学的家长说,她是帮亲戚来执勤的。“孩子的爸爸妈妈都要上班,我住在边上就过来了。上岗前,我问过保安师傅,大致要做些什么。保安师傅说,没什么特别的事情,就在那边站着,管一下秩序,我觉得挺轻松的。保安师傅和协警们都做得很好。”来接小孩子放学的,大部分是孩子的爷爷奶奶等长辈,父母亲自接孩子的并不多。在幼儿园和小学门口,快报记者随机采访了一些家长,大家对要不要参加“护学”,看法不一。一位爷爷说,学校门口已经有很多保安、交警了,家长护学其实也没什么事情做。老头老太拿着一根塑料棒站岗,能有什么作用呢?一位家长说,家长协助学校工作是应该的,但是护学岗用处真的不大,万一真有什么事情,还是需要专业的人员去处置突发情况。也有家长说:“有的家长送孩子上学,总是把车在学校门口随便一停,这个时候校门口维持秩序的的家长上去劝说一下,还是很有作用的。”一位精神很足的爷爷说:“家长护校还是要的,毕竟一学期一次,也就半个小时。一起帮着保安师傅管管,也是应该的。不过,现在孩子爸妈要上班,不大好凑时间,这种事情让我们来好了。”学军小学、大关小学护学岗作用很大采荷二小已经取消护学岗昨天,我们问了杭州一些小学,大多数学校都设有护学岗。学军小学汪培新校长说:“学军小学的护学岗,先由每个家长自愿报名,之后所有参加的家长排好班,大家按计划表来护学。大家报名都很热情。有的家长实在抽不出时间来的,我们不强求。学校门口的管理,关键是有序。车辆和行人要按照规则来,学校门口的保安,值周的教师,还有我们的交警、治安警,参加护学的家长,都在为保证学校门口的有序和平安做贡献。“有人说,护学岗的作用很有限,这种事情很难说。校园门口的安全,不只是交通安全,还有治安安全,需要各方面的人一起来参与。多一份参与,也就是多一方力量,大家努力保证孩子们平安健康成长。另外,家长参加护学岗,也是在给我们的孩子树立榜样,让孩子学会互相帮助,学会奉献。”杭州大关小学,位于交通主干道莫干山路边上,罗才军校长说:“设立家长护学岗,太有必要了。大关小学有值周班级,值周班级中每天有3位家长参加早上和傍晚的护学活动。加上门口执勤的保安、交警、协警,大约8人的团队,确保孩子们上学放学的安全。“早上莫干山路上,很多人的电瓶车开得非常快,爸爸妈妈开车送上学的孩子,在车上就把所有的东西都整理好了,到了学校,车门一开,护学的家长领着孩子下车,安全送到学校门口。家长的车子迅速开走,就像击鼓传花一样,不会造成交通拥堵,不用担心孩子被电瓶车伤到。”“护学家长还有专门的制服,家长们都很支持这个活动,大家奉献一天时间出来,换来一年的放心。孩子们也很高兴。今天我妈妈执勤,多么神气。”也有取消了护学岗的小学。采荷二小的毛老师说,采二很早就有护学岗,家长们报名参加。不过现在已经取消了。毛老师说:“主要原因是学校设立了警务室,每到放学时,学校门口至少有2名保安,周边还有1名保安,劝导车子不要往学校门口的小路开进来。每天学校门口至少有2名值周的教师,还有4名协警,还有派出所的民警维持秩序。虽然学校有两千多学生,但秩序还是维护得比较好的。门口维护秩序的力量已经很充沛了,不需要家长们再来帮忙了。”相关的主题文章: