The sale of 17.99-20.99 million 2017 CAPTIVA officially listed — car — people drop dead diva

The sale of 17.99-20.99 million   2017 CAPTIVA officially listed — car — October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Tu Qinhan) the day before, SAIC officially announced Chevrolet 2017 Copaci officially listed, the new car will be launched 4 models, the price range of 17.99 yuan to 209 thousand and 900 yuan. This change to a new 7 seat luxury models, in appearance, the new car is basically the same with the current model, the front face of the family type stereo double grille, body lines are full. The new car will provide Mocha brown, white, cold, open the lightning ash total of 4 kinds of body color choices for consumers (Leng Yan gray for the new color), in addition to the 7 seat ultimate models with 18 inch wheels, the vehicle is equipped with a 17 inch wheels. The interior, as is the model, so the car is not too obvious change. In power, the new car is equipped with a 2.4L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power 167Ps, peak torque of 230Nm, matching with the 6 speed manual gearbox, and real-time system. Comments: Kopacz changes this change is not too much, only in the models added a luxury version of the 7 models, to provide consumers with more choice, from the price point of view, less than 200 thousand of the price to buy a 7 SUV models is more cost effective. (commissioning editor E Zhichao and Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: