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Reference-and-Education Have you ever heard something about the history of the nutcracker? Do you know where the first nutcracker was built? We wanted to know a little bit more about the nice wooden men and so we searched for information. Let us see what we have found. ==The Saga Of The Nutcracker== Many years ago there lived a farmer in the "Ore Mountains", he was very rich but lonely. The wealth had made his heart cold, just like the nuts he liked to eat on Christmas. The nuts also were very hard to crack and it required way too much effort to crack all of them. That was the reason why he decided to launch a .petition. He promised a reward to someone who has a great idea to make cracking nuts easier. Many people from all around the village where the farmer lived in came and had strange suggestions: A soldier for example advised to shoot at the nuts. The cattle doctor re.mended to let his hens breed the nuts until the cores hatch by their own. The old woodcarver of the village brought a little wooden man to the farmer. It wore the garb of the "Ore Mountain" miners and had a large mouth with a hard jaw – ideally for cracking nuts! The rich farmer was so enthusiastical about the wooden man that he kind of felt in love with him. This was the first time in his live that he has felt something like enthusiasm. His heart suddenly got warm and he turned out to be.e a nice man. The farmer became the friend of everyone, especially of the children. To express his thanks to the woodcarver he established him a new workshop where the woodcarver was able to carve nutcrackers and other very nice wooden art pieces for the rest of his life. And until today the wooden german nutcrackers inspire people all over the world. Isn’t this a charming story for a peaceful Christmas Eve? You can tell it to your family and maybe the magic of Christmas will .e to your home in this night. Christmas is a very special time where we all .e together. We have a nice time with our family, we eat good food, the children are excited to see Santa Clause and everywhere in the room it smell like cookies and we really can feel the spirit and the love we have during the chritmas time. I hope that my little saga above just added some additional entertainment to you and your family at Christmas Eve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: