The Russian special forces will be equipped with armored suits Arctic anti sniper rifle shooting

The Russian special forces will be equipped with armored suits: Arctic anti sniper rifle shooting range map: the Russian Air Defense Forces soldiers stationed in the arctic. Reference News Network November 8 news media said, Russia’s "news" quoted the 7 high strength material production center "composite" (Armocom) Deputy General Manager Elena · Kerr Mackova said the Russian special forces soldiers will be issued by the company for the one and only the Arctic full set of armored equipment in the near future. According to the Russian satellite network reported on November 7th, in addition to bulletproof vest (which can prevent SVD sniper rifle from 5 to 10 meters away from the 7.62 mm bullet damage to the human body), this equipment also includes LSHZ-1+ light helmet, jacket and windproof pants. LSHZ is considered to be the world’s lightest, most sturdy protective helmet, weighing about 1 kg, can block the Makarov pistol fired 9 mm bullets. Kerr Mackova said: the first batch of equipment will be handed over to a recent strong special forces." She said that in the process of the development of Arctic armored equipment, not only concerned about the armor protection of soldiers, but also pay special attention to the whole set of ergonomic ergonomic design. Kerr Mackova explained: "our bulletproof vest wearing camouflage uniforms or equipment in the Arctic in the cold outside the Siamese clothes. The vest is sewn on the special ropes, used for ammunition box magazine, radio and other equipment with fixed equipment." Reported that armored vests can only protect vital vital organs, very few armor, in order to protect the freedom of action soldiers. The paper, bulletproof vest, jacket and special wind pants are using "can withstand the Arctic cold wind and row wet film fabric through micro pores".相关的主题文章: