The red horse traffic police downtown meet the bride (Figure)

The red horse traffic police: downtown meet the bride (Figure) led the way to marry the bride groom. Double V reporter Zhao Yanping for the red robed riding on a white horse, behind the procession were holding a "wedding" "Hi" "house" brand, the bride is sitting in the ranks of the sedan in Jiangxia district near the stadium, a man procession attracted many passers-by stopped to watch. According to witnesses Liu introduced, at that time, the procession of more than 20 people, all dressed in red coats, along the lane main road walking slowly, she felt that her very novel way, but in the downtown area but some people worry about riding the wedding. Fortunately, there were less traffic on the road at that time, which did not cause traffic congestion. The insider said, the groom surnamed Li, who lives in Jiangxia bear public road side, the bride surnamed Liu, who lives in the western suburbs of the road, two people love each other after 4 years of marriage. Mr. Zhao believes that marriage is a happy event, and it can be novel and unique. But if horses are frightened on the road or more roads, they will pose a threat to people’s personal safety and cause traffic jams. Is it a violation of the relevant laws to ride on the motorway by riding a horse? In this regard, the Jiangxia district police department believes that this is not advisable, and once the traffic accident is caused, the corresponding legal responsibility should be taken. Our current law does not expressly prohibit motorized vehicles riding on horses; if regarded as an animal drawn cart in accordance with the regulations, should ride in the non motor vehicle lane, in the absence of non motorized vehicles on the road, the roadway should depend on the right of riding, shall not impede other vehicles and pedestrians; a maximum speed of 15 km; animal control the car when crossing the road, the driver shall get traction on livestock; people riding on the road, usually the police humane law enforcement, found away. (journalist business as an Intern Intern Cheng Jiayi correspondent Tian Yun Gui V journalist Zhao Yanping)

红袍新郎骑白马闹市迎新娘 交警:影响交通(图)新郎一马当先迎娶新娘。双V记者赵彦平供图新郎身着红袍骑在一匹白马上,身后的迎亲队伍中分别举着“迎亲”“喜”“贵府”等字样的牌子,新娘则坐在队伍中的花轿内,前天,江夏区体育馆附近一男子迎亲队伍引来不少路人驻足观看。据目击者刘女士介绍,当时,迎亲队伍有20多人,均身着红大褂,沿着主干道的机动车道缓慢行走,她觉得这种迎亲方式很新颖,但在闹市区骑马迎亲也有些让人担心。好在当时路上车辆较少,并未引起交通拥堵情况。知情人透露,新郎姓李,家住江夏熊公侧路,新娘姓刘,家住西郊路,两人相爱4年后喜结良缘。市民赵先生认为,结婚是一件喜庆的事情,方式可以新颖独特,但是万一马匹在路上受惊,或者道路车辆较多时,则会对人们的人身安全造成威胁,也可能造成交通拥堵。骑着马在机动车道上行走,此举是否违反相关法律规定呢?对此,江夏区交警部门认为,此举不可取,一旦引发交通事故,要承担相应的法律责任。我国现行法律没有明确规定禁止骑马上机动车道;如果将马匹视为畜力车,按照规定,应当在非机动车道上骑行,在没有非机动车道的道路上,应当靠车行道右侧骑行,不得妨碍其他车辆和行人通行;最高时速不得超过15公里;驾驭畜力车横过道路时,驾驭人应当下车牵引牲畜;对骑马上路的人,通常情况下警方会人性化执法,发现后劝离。(记者商为智 实习生程佳怡 通讯员田云贵 双V记者赵彦平)相关的主题文章: