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The original Henan Provincial Committee sacked Wu Tianjun has presided over a large demolition and construction original title: former Henan Provincial Committee sacked Wu Tianjun had ruled "large demolition" Wu Tianjun. Data figure "finance" reporter Yin Yuewen Li Enshu editor in November 11, 2016, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website news, former Henan Provincial Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Wu Tianjun alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. Prior to 2015 years, Wu Tianjun had in the media and the public vision disappeared about two months. According to the "financial" reporter, Wu Tianjun has been to Beijing discipline inspection departments for questioning, after surgery, after returning to work. According to informed sources, Wu Tianjun checked Zhengzhou’s ruling or related. Wu Tianjun served as party secretary of Zhengzhou City pushing major demolition and construction, a number of well-known cases occurred during the demolition. Wu Tianjun is the eighteen largest since the Communist Party of China, Henan sacked deputy provincial officials of the third. Before the two were, respectively, the former party secretary of Henan Provincial People’s Congress, Qin Yuhai, deputy director of Henan provincial Party committee, former Secretary of the Luoyang Municipal Committee, former Secretary of the cpc. The 59 year old Wu Tianjun, a local official in Henan, Henan, Puyang, who was in charge of Xinxiang, Zhengzhou. In Zhengzhou, Wu Tianjun led the introduction of a large hub, big industry, city and central city construction "of the" three big "strategy, organize cadres to the field visits urban construction experience, the meeting strongly promote the Zhengzhou city urban construction work. According to statistics, Zhengzhou city road five years a total construction of various types of engineering projects in 327, by the end of 2015, completed 320, completed an investment of 67 billion 900 million yuan, increasing the traffic mileage of 359.8 kilometers; the city’s 39 key towns (2013 adjusted to 27), a total infrastructure construction of 774, completed an investment of 8 billion 550 million yuan. In May 24, 2016, Wu Tianjun stepped down as party secretary of Zhengzhou cadres meeting, review the five years of work, "not very careful, leave no stone unturned, Shuahua, not lazy", "the development of Zhengzhou in the relay that I should do the work best". However, Wu Tianjun’s demolition and construction policy also encountered a lot of resistance from the people. In June 22, 2010, Huaihe Road office 27 District of Henan city of Zhengzhou province Qiliyan village Jia Lingmin and her husband were control of violence, people home by unidentified demolitions. After that, Jia Lingmin has encountered the complaint, in May 2014, was detained, and in November 5, 2015 by the court of Gongyi city in Henan province to disturb the crime sentenced to 4 years. Jia sensitive event fermentation, when Wu Tianjun was in power in Zhengzhou. June 13, 2015, the main leadership of the District of Zhengzhou air pollution control conference, when he was Secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee Wu Tianjun attended. After about two months time, Wu Tianjun rarely publicly reported, absent a series of important meetings. For example, the Zhengzhou Municipal Committee on July 1, 2015 and 17 in the afternoon of the Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting, there is no trace of him. Until August 11th of the same year, Wu Tianjun chaired a meeting of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, the deployment of air pollution prevention and control work in winter相关的主题文章: