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Public-Speaking Books- a very easy way of expressing oneself, of enjoying your time while learning something worthwhile, have be.e a way of life for lots of people across the planet. Right from classics by Dickens and Austen, to sci-fi by Jules Verne and Dan Brown, from crime mysteries by Agatha Christie and Baldacci, to non-fiction by the likes of Robin Sharma and Dale Carmegie, books are one of the most loved pastime of people, thats .mon to them inspite of whatever differences they may possess. The best books to read are the ones that interest you. There is no such definition to them, even though some authors are specially renowned, but it all .es down to what genre you prefer and what do you prioritize in a book. One such book is the old star wars trilogy. Star wars is a fictional tale revolving around Utopian planets in the uncountable galaxies and the creatures living there, and their interaction with Earth. It has 3 books, each based upon a different theme. One thing that remains uniform throughout is the presence of a sci fi element, and incredibly imaginative writing.. The first book, The life of Zoya, is based around the life of Zoya, a creature from the Zulturion planet, who is now lost to Earth. It talks about how Zoya encounters barbaric treatment at the hands of certain people she .es across, how a supposedly safe journey scars her for life, how people just watch on and how she .bats it all. It is a story of separation, grief and survival, through and through. The second one, A wizards tale-from epic heights, talks about how, there was a time when two powerful wizards ruled the world, how they were feared, appreciated, and respected, and even hated, but then, as it often happens where power exists, differences crept in, and vengeance took its place, in between the two powerful men. It follows their journey from the peak of power to inevitable and ultimate doom. The third book, Afterworlds-through veils and mists, talks about a very popular subject of human imagination, The Afterworld. It creates a world that one claims to enter after the .pletion of their lives. It has been a matter of speculation and unending questions already, which adds to the readers interest. Star Wars is a series of books that .bines imagination, creativity and the possibility and belief of existence of worlds other than the earth, with the basic values and intricacies of behavior, like love, hate, faith, vengeance, power, envy, curiosity and what not. It will not be wrong to call these books hard-to-put-down, because they engross the reader in a way that he just cant get away. The distant, unattainable world has always appealed to people, over eras and centuries. And thats exactly what this series of books is all about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: