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The new listed company "reorganization measures" landing limit fried shell is a primary goal of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say on the stocks contest points out 60 million new "reorganization measures" landing limitation fried shell is a primary goal of "red week" author Li Zhuang in September 9th, the Commission spokesman Deng Ge said in a regular press conference, to implement the "supervision according to law, strict supervision and comprehensive supervision" concept, to further standardize the reorganization behavior, "on the revision of the" management approach "major asset restructuring of listed companies" day officially released, from the date of promulgation. The Chinese Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu signed Decree No. 127th, "on the revision of the" management approach "major asset restructuring of listed companies" in September 1, 2016 Chinese Commission in 2016 tenth executive meeting of the chairman, promulgated on September 9th. This is the industry known as the history of the most stringent backdoor new regulations, the restructuring approach after nearly three months of advice, formally issued by the commission. Compared to the draft, "reorganization measures" on the part of the terms made a further explanation, such as "the first principle of the cumulative period of 60 months, but not for the GEM companies and financial venture capital and other specific industries etc.. Fried shell regulatory tighter on the revision of the major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach (hereinafter referred to as the restructuring approach), the first impact is the speculation shell". The Commission issued a document disclosure, this modification is the purpose of cooling system and the standard "fence" to "fried shell", to promote the rational repair market valuation system, continue to support the upgrading of the quality of listed companies through mergers and acquisitions to guide more funds to invest in the real economy. From the main content of the amendment, the reorganization of the refinement of the listed company, the change of control of the identified standards, clear the cumulative principle for the first time for 60 months. It should be noted that the 60 month period does not apply to the reorganization of the GEM listed companies, as well as the purchase of the subject of financial, venture capital and other specific industries. Restructuring measures also canceled the reorganization of listed financing, to extend the lock period of the relevant shareholders, as well as to strengthen the accountability of listed companies and intermediaries, etc.. Since the opinion since June 17th "reorganization measures" to solicit public opinion, the Commission received 80 valid copies, mainly concentrated in the "net profit" identified indicators, identified fallbackprovision, restructuring and listing related parties to lock in three aspects. Opinions suggested that the loss should be canceled, the net profit of listed companies profit index". It was proposed that the lack of detailed and quantitative standard provisions should be given to delete. The above views are not adopted by the Commission, because of considering the removal of "net profit index" could not inhibit this kind of company "shell" phenomenon, the two is the system foundation and the implementation of the provisions, and the Commission on the provisions made a further improvement. Opinions suggested that the new major shareholders locked 36 months, the time limit is too short. The Commission said that the "measures" restructuring has made it clear that "in the process of transaction from the subject directly or indirectly to the transferee of the listing agreement相关的主题文章: