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The new Feng Xiaogang movie circle of friends launched the most stringent recruitment: the whole volume of Tencent no entertainment news (text Chen Xiaonao) "I am not Pan Jinlian" is not released, the full spirit of the first director Feng Xiaogang began recruiting for the film, but also very western style in the circle of friends launched recruitment notice. Around 1 am on November 10th, Feng Xiaogang issued a recruitment notice in the circle of friends, for the film "green" starring "with professional recruitment, singing, female, 20-25 years old, looks outstanding, note: folk songs, piano, vocal pop singer can not, the whole volume of discussion. After the primaries Feng Dao interview. If you are the." And left the contact telephone number and e-mail address. This is the job posting, in addition to the role requires professional singing level of women, most notably by "the whole volume not" a few words, as everyone knows, Feng Xiaogang is the entertainment "cannon king", sent the nickname cannon. He was recently on a number of occasions bombarded the entertainment stars cosmetic phenomenon, even for makeup, a brand of red net is very bad, claiming that if you encounter such a person to audition, please leave them directly. This is a new "green", he not only emphasized the whole volume of discussion, also shows through the primaries by himself after the interview, it is absolutely not to say. Therefore, this recruitment notice, also known as the history of the most stringent recruitment notice ". Just don’t know what is the definition and standard of Feng Xiaogang for plastic surgery? How many singers or singers who are good at singing will be blocked by this standard? Interestingly, shortly before Feng Xiaogang and Ang Lee also held a master to talk about the new Ang Lee movie "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" because of the shooting 120 frames, 4K HD technology, an actor must makeup appearance, was ridicule as a heavy blow to the red net, now Feng Xiaogang for actress put forward such harsh conditions. Is it possible to be directed by Ang Lee Amway, will use 120 frame technology? According to SARFT script for publicity display, this named "green" film "in the main plot full of ideal and passion of the ensemble, a group of positive youth youth, experiencing growth in budding love. Simple good Liu Feng, because of the bad habits are collective discrimination He Xiaoping and Lin Dingding, Hao Shuwen, Chen Can and other emotional entanglement, intersection, life and be quite different and beyond all expectations, Feng Xiaogang is director of the age and love story. Screenwriter and Zhang Yimou, Kaige Chen, such as the great leader of the cooperation of the famous writer, Yan Geling, Li Shaohong.相关的主题文章: