The Millennium health to eat what Drink soup to eat seasonal fruit pear and dry – Beijing winflash

The Millennium health to eat what? Drink soup to eat fruit pear spleen to dry – reporter zhongxinwangzhongxinwang, photographed by Jin Shuo " src=" 20160906; 20169621213.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" data figure: the body is not exposed dew "Beijing Street" mix "travel. In new network reporter Jin Shuo photo " > data figure: the body is not exposed dew "Beijing Street" mix "travel. In new network reporter Jin Shuo photo Beijing, Beijing, September 7, (Shangguan Yun) Bai Luqiu "cool night split night night". Dew is the twenty-four solar term in fifteenth solar term, first solar term in September. Vice chairman, Beijing Folk Artists Association, famous writer Liu Yida told Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter said, now people can feel the hot summer, cool autumn has come, "in terms of health, people will drink Qiu Tang Jianpi, or eat some fruit to dry. In addition, also can drink some light porridge to the stomach". For Lu, "on seventy-two Hou Ji Jie" said: "August festival…… Yin gradually heavy, Lu Ning and white." The weather turns cold, will be found in the early morning on the ground and leaves a lot of dew, which is due to the night water vapor condensation on the top, so named. The ancients to four hours with the line, autumn is gold, gold white, so the "white" to describe the dew of the five. Liu Yida said, in fact the dew is the characterization of the weather has been cooler, "here is just a cold period". Data figure: "White Dew" busy farming season in Guangxi. Photo by Tan Kaixing according to public information, Jiangsu Taihu folk sacrificial customs in the dew season of yu. Also known as the "worship ritual Yuwang water Buddha, Qingming, dew two offering a larger scale, each of which lasted a week. By then, people will go to the fair, playing drums, dancing, very lively. In addition, the old Nanjing people love to drink dew tea". There is "spring and summer tea bitter, astringent, like tea, autumn dew dew season", the tea after the hot summer, this is the best period of growth. However, according to Gao Wei, Secretary General of the Beijing folk association, on this tea, there are also said to boil some water, when the drink. Dew comes, the air humidity is reduced, dry weather in autumn is more obvious, prone to dry mouth, dry lips and other symptoms, at the same time, great temperature difference between day and night at this time, such as heart, lung, stomach easily uncomfortable people need to pay attention to health." Liu Yida said. Data figure: located near the dew solar term, barley and wheat fields in Minle County of Zhangye under the Qilian Mountains in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu province have been mature, a harvest scene. Chen Li is precisely because of this, in order to fully adapt to such changes, the diet has a temperature supplement, to remove the effect of wet dry food has become a favorite food. In some parts of the south, people in the dew collected before and after "ten white"), to相关的主题文章: