The man under the dry fall to save the villagers with hypoxia unfortunately died of suffocation (vid-rainism

The man under the dry fall to save the villagers with hypoxia unfortunately died of suffocation Metropolis Daily News September 27th (reporter Guan Qianyu) Xiangyang to the villagers for lack of water and closed several months old wells for motor, due to lack of oxygen drop bottom; with the villagers heard the call for help, came down to the well in the rescue, unfortunately fall bottom, two all died of suffocation. 27, the reporter learned that the day before the tragedy occurred in Xiangyang City Xiangzhou District rural. Chen Wanqin lives in Xiangzhou District of Xiangyang City Long Wang Zhen Hu Ying Cun, spring and summer drought in May, her family and other villagers get almost 40 years ago, a dozen old wells without water, for fear of a child accidentally fell into, then by villagers with iron lid shut it up. Not long ago, the Chen Wanqin family, together with 3 other villagers, played a new well. September 15th is the Mid Autumn Festival. At 4 p.m. the same day, her husband, Gao Haiming, is ready to take out the water pump in the old well and install it in the new well. He used the old way in the countryside, his standing in the bucket, the bucket on a rope, tied with a rope on the pulley, slowly put down by his wife and son. Just left about 3 meters, Chen Wanqin found her husband’s mouth open, very painful look, hastened to shout, but no promise. Jianshibumiao, she and her son hurried on the ground, seeing her husband would rise to the wellhead, the husband suddenly sideways from the bucket, a head fall in deep well. The well is about 12 meters deep, and there is no water below. Seeing that her husband had an accident, Chen Wanqin hurried to shout for help. Yang Wanming, who was not far from the Chen family, rushed quickly after hearing the cry. He asked Chen Wanqin to look for a long rope quickly. When Yang Wanqin got the rope, but found that Yang Wan Station to just pull up the empty bucket, go down the rescue, unfortunately, the tragedy happen again. In a moment, two people fell into the well, which made everyone in the scene terrified, and the villagers dialed 110, 120, and 119 for help. However, when the rescue personnel rushed to the two people who will be salvaged, already two people have been irretrievable, unfortunately died of suffocation. The reporter learned that Gao Hai Ming was 43 years old and worked in a factory in Laohekou in his life. Yang Wanming’s son, Yang Zhong, told reporters that his father was 51 years old and planted more than 70 acres at home. After that, Chen Wanqin took his son to the Yangs, expressed thanks to one of their families and apologized. At present, Yang Zhong is declaring his father to be brave and righteous. At present, the relevant departments of the government of the Dragon King town of Xiangzhou District are guiding Yang Zhong to supplement the related materials. The man’s own building and the air conditioner sleep for second days and suffocate to die

男子下枯井缺氧跌落 村民来救不幸一起窒息身亡楚天都市报9月27日讯(记者关前裕)襄阳一村民下到因无水而封闭数月的老水井里去取电机,因缺氧跌落井底;同村村民听到呼救后,赶来下到井里救人,也不幸跌落井底,二人一起窒息身亡。 27日,记者了解到了日前发生在襄阳市襄州区农村的这起悲剧。陈万琴家住襄阳市襄州区龙王镇胡营村,今年春夏干旱,5月份的时候,她家和其他几乎村民取水的一口40多年前打的老水井没有水了,因担心有小孩不慎跌入,于是被村民用铁盖子将其 封闭了起来。前不久, 陈万琴一家与另外3户村民一起打了一口新井。9月15日是中秋节,当天下午4时许,她的丈夫高海明准备把老水井里的水泵取出来安装到新水井里。他采用农村中的老办法,自己 站在水桶里,水桶上系绳子,绳子绑在辘轳上,由妻子和儿子慢慢往下放。刚放下去3米左右,陈万琴发现丈夫张大嘴巴,很痛苦的样子,赶紧喊叫,却不见答应。见势不妙,她和儿子赶紧往上绞,眼看丈夫就要升到井口了,突然丈夫身子一歪,从水桶里一头栽 倒在深井里。这口井大约有12米深,下面早已没有水。眼看丈夫出了意外,陈万琴赶紧大声呼救,离陈家人不远的村民杨万明听到呼喊声后迅速冲了过来,他让陈万琴赶紧去找一条长绳子来。当杨万琴找来绳子时,却发现杨万明站到刚刚拉起 的空桶中,下井施救去了,遗憾的是,悲剧再次上演。一会儿功夫,两人坠入井中,这让现场所有人都惊恐不已,村民们分头拨打110、120、119求救。可是,当闻讯赶来的救援人员将二人打捞上来时,已经回天无力,二人已经不幸窒息身亡 。记者了解到,高海明今年43岁,生前在老河口市一家工厂打工。杨万明的儿子杨忠告诉记者,他的父亲今年51岁,在家里种有70多亩地。事后,陈万琴带着儿子来到杨家,向他们一家表达 了感谢,并致歉。目前,杨忠正在为父亲申报见义勇为。目前,襄州区龙王镇政府相关部门正在指导杨忠补充相关材料。 男子自家楼下车内开空调睡觉 第二天窒息身亡相关的主题文章: