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The man suspected his wife was having an affair hacked rival hotel had heard cries for help – Beijing China Jiangxi news reporter Zhang Kai reported: in September 9th, foreigners working in Nanchang County Xu Ming (a pseudonym) sitting in the County Public Security Bureau in the interrogation room crying softly. The day before, he was in Nanchang County a hotel room to rival a pass hack, the other died. The hotel came cries for help 8 afternoon 1 pm, on duty in the hotel security gate suddenly heard someone shouting "help", he followed the cry came to the elevator, I saw a bloody man sitting in the elevator, who has multiple wounds. I quickly called the waiter to fight 110 and 120." The security said that the man did not speak, climbed out of the elevator, sitting in the hall. Soon, Liantang police and Liantang police criminal investigation squadron arrived at the scene. He was injured, suspected weapon caused by." Liantang police criminal investigation squadron said, unfortunately, the man finally died. The suspect and the fellow police retrieved surveillance found that the dead in shortly before the incident on the 11 floor of the hotel, and open room in the hotel registration Xu on the same day at 12:40, named Chen Guo (a pseudonym, 43 years old this year, foreigners). At the same time, monitoring showed that the dead came out from the room, a man has been with the chase behind him, the dead into the elevator, the man left the safe passage through the 11 floor, there are signs that the man should be suspect. After questioning the relevant personnel, the police finally identified the suspect named Xu Ming (33 years old), and his wife rented a long term in the hotel on the second floor of the hotel style apartment, and the deceased is a fellow. His wife had an affair on the evening of 8 11 pm, Xu Ming, accompanied by his family, to the County Public Security Bureau to surrender. According to police investigation, Xu Ming and his wife, Li Li (a pseudonym, 29 years old) did not get a marriage certificate, but has long lived together, and have a son this year, aged 10. Xu Ming explained to the police, before engaging in freight, often open a large truck away from home for several days. In 2012, Li Li suddenly love playing cards with a married man Chen Guohao. Chen Guo and Li Li soon spread to the ears of Mr. Xu Ming. Xu Ming and Li Li communication, and also admitted that it does have the matter of the fact that, in fact, it is true that Mr. Li Li. "He still loves his wife very much, does not want to separate." Police handling the case, said Xu Ming repeatedly to find communication with Chen Guo, but because of the local better than in the "good mix", and every time, he was "not too light" by the local people’s Government in the world. The police said that he would be able to communicate with each other for many times in the past few years. In the meantime, he said, "it is not a good thing for us to find a way to communicate with each other". In desperation, in early January of this year, Xu Ming and Li Li left home, came to Nanchang County to earn money. At that time, the woman also promised not to contact with Chen Guo, live a good life." Police said. "Rival" several times to Nanchang County a few months before the incident, Chen Guo to Nanchang, also Xu Ming, Li Li rented upstairs to open the room. After Xu Ming found, to the hotel room to find Chen Guo theory, Chen Guo head injuries, both strike violently, Xu Ming hand injury. Time passed by September 8th, in the morning, have purchased houses in Nanchang County Xu Ming and his wife purchased after the decoration materials, Li Li desperately urged Xu Ming to return home, to give children the transfer formalities. Li Li abnormal behavior, xu.相关的主题文章: