The man remitted money to the liar the queue guy found the time to stop – the Shandong

The man sent money to the cheater to collect money. The boy found that he stopped in time. "Shandong channel" — according to the Anhui business daily, "a person plus my WeChat said he could help me use a software to cash in for 10 thousand yuan, as long as he handed him 400 yuan commission fee." Yesterday at 8 o’clock, in a ATM room of a bank in Ma Anshan Road, Hefei, Mr. Zhao stopped the money he had been queuing up to save the money when he transferred the two thousand yuan deposit to the "cash in person" on the phone. He stopped the fraud for Xiao Zeng. Mr. Zhao is doing business in Hefei and often needs loans. On the night of 28, he found a WeChat net friend specializing in the cash for cash through the WeChat "nearby people". After Mr. Zhao added the other party, the cash man said that a software called "dry bag" now supports ten thousand yuan of consumption quota and pays interest within a month. He said he could help me cash in 10 thousand yuan consumption quota. Mr. Zhao said, but the charge of 400 yuan is charged. Mr. Zhao agreed to the request, and the person put forward, "I want to provide him with my name, ID card number, bank card number and other information. He also gave a bank card number, let me transfer 2000 yuan to him through the ATM machine to make a margin. " Because of the urgent need for money, in the evening, Mr. Zhao came to a bank ATM in Ma On Shan Road to transfer money to each other. Mr. Zhao said that the guy behind him was a guy. "I called the cash in person, and operated ATM machine. I didn’t consciously repeat the other’s words in my mouth. The guy behind him heard me clapped my shoulder and asked me to hang up." Mr. Zhao was surprised. "The man told me that I was a cheater who gave me a phone call. Don’t change money easily." "The other side to go my bank card number, ID card number, name, cell phone number, my bank Cari money is very unsafe…" After the Gang analysis, Mr. Zhao realized the other party’s trap, and then called the other party, the other side had turned off, and WeChat was "pulling black". Yesterday, the reporter tried to add the cash, WeChat, has been unable to pass. The reporter contacted Xiao Zeng. Xiao Zeng said, he was also the original telecommunications fraud cheated, the phone side sleepwalk to transfer money to each other. "I stopped him. I just wanted one less person to be cheated, but the gentleman listened to my advice and did not give a cheater a penny." At present, Mr. Zhao has reported to the police in the district. (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin) 男子给骗子汇钱 排队小伙发现及时叫停–山东频道–人民网 据安徽商报消息 “有个人加我微信,说可以帮我利用一种软件套现1万元,只要交给他400元手续费就可以。”昨天8时许,合肥马鞍山路一家银行ATM机室内,市民赵先生向电话那头“套现人士”转款两千元保证金时,被排队存钱的小伙小曾叫停,帮他戳穿了骗局。 赵先生在合肥做生意,常需要贷款。 28日晚,他通过微信“附近的人”找到一个专门从事套现贷款的微信网友。赵先生加了对方后,这位套现人士称,现有一个叫“乾包”的软件,支持一万元的消费额度,一月之内还款无利息,“他说有办法帮我把1万元的消费额度套现。”赵先生说,但要收取400元服务费。 赵先生答应了要求,该人士又提出,“我要向他提供我的姓名、身份证号、银行卡号等信息。他还给了张银行卡号,让我通过ATM机给他转款2000元做保证金。”因为急需钱,当晚,赵先生来到马鞍山路一家银行ATM机给对方转款。 赵先生说,当时排在他身后的是个小伙,“我边给套现人士打电话,边操作ATM机,嘴巴里不自觉重复对方说的话,身后的小伙像是听到了,拍了拍我肩膀,让我先挂断电话。”赵先生一脸诧异,“小伙告诉我,给我打电话的是骗子,别轻易转钱。”“对方要走了我的银行卡号,身份证号、姓名、手机号,我银行卡里的资金就很不安全了……”经过小伙分析,赵先生认识到对方的圈套,再给对方打电话时,对方已关机,微信也把他“拉黑”。昨日,记者尝试加这位套现人士微信,一直都未能通过。 记者联系上小曾。小曾说,他原来也被电信诈骗骗过,边打电话边稀里糊涂地向对方转钱。“我当时拦住他,只是希望少一个人被骗,好在那位先生听了我的劝告,没给骗子汇一分钱。”目前,赵先生已向辖区警方报案。 (责编:聂俊穹、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: