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The little attractions cheating European Tourism Management Department of truth tourism company supervision is very strict, once a customer complaints, tourism companies often have to pay very high fines. The Chang Jiang, in recent years, China’s top tourist attractions "rip off" events occur frequently, including Sanya, Qingdao and the East River Wear Properties of seashore occurrence of adverse events and even become the focus of public opinion. We see from the news, some showmanship, the behavior of cheating is almost the same as with the underworld; the inertia of thinking and some Chinese and It’s better to save trouble., always in line with "give money" principle to deal with such incidents, this leads to further condone illegal phenomena. If there is no social media, I am afraid that this phenomenon is still not fully appreciated. In my experience of life in Europe, the same area is rich in tourism resources, the phenomenon of cheating tourism in European countries is rare. I think this is mainly due to two reasons: full market competition and strict regulation. For example, in Northern Ireland, Belfast, will also have a tour line more than 10 tour companies operating from the city to the famous tourist attractions in Giants Causeway, due to intense competition, the final pricing were very close, both in line with market rules, and set aside a stable profit space. Because this line is very mature, no one dare to increase the price, so the final fight is the service, who is thoughtful and meticulous service, who will be more popular with tourists. Due to limited profit margins, in order to save costs, the vast majority of travel companies are not even equipped with tour guides, only by the bus driver to complete all the work of a person. The local tourism management of these companies are very strict supervision, once the customer complaints, tourism companies tend to pay a high penalty. As an excellent experience in the tourism of the Nordic country Iceland, near the capital city of Reykjavik, the "golden tourism circle" line of business is more mature, more than twenty travel companies competing in this line, which makes the Iceland tourism as a pillar industry of the country almost never caused by cheating image crisis. For the tourism industry, the full market competition is the premise of good order, and strict supervision is to maintain the order of protection, both are indispensable. Give a simple example: domestic tourists in the "slaughter" experience, often there will be "no complaints" situation, and finally had to resort to public opinion on the Internet, will it make into a scenic spot "scandal", the problem can be solved; but in Europe, tourism complaints the channels are often very smooth, even if the tourists met to the unhappy things, also can find troubleshooting pipeline immediately, in reasonable ways to solve the problem of "crisis" is impossible. Of course, the decision to regulate the tourism market is also an important factor, that is, their own sense of rights. In the premise of most people adhere to the "conciliatory" principle, can only enhance visibility of the tourism industry by a handful of "tourists love seriously" in a more extreme way to complete this form, not only conducive to ecological health industry, but also can not fundamentally solve the problem. We are pursuing the market order and the rule of law in modern society,.相关的主题文章: