The Lexus NX models in gearbox isexhausted owners worry there is no solution-norton disk doctor

The Lexus NX models in gearbox isexhausted owners worry no Lexus China solution selling car bogged down bag transmission gearbox CVT intensive recall Wang Yang lingering because the air bag gas generator has related defects, TOYOTA motor (China) Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as TOYOTA Chinese) respectively in September 20, 2016 and September 23rd in the national quality Inspection Administration of defective product management center the publication of the relevant vehicle recall announcement, involving models including Lexus IS, ES, GX, RX series models, a total of more than 140 thousand vehicles, these issues will undoubtedly reflects the responsibility of automobile manufacturers. In fact, the recall is not the main reason for TOYOTA itself, more is due to the high field etc. the responsibility of suppliers, but the recent Lexus – SUV model NX series gearbox problem but due to repeated owner complaints, well-known in the car home car forum, due to transmission of complaints are rising sharply, most focus on NX series models. China business news reporter learned from the relevant owners, the problem is more concentrated in the CVT gearbox equipped with NX models, the current solution is given in the 4S shop is free replacement gearbox assembly. Chen said in an interview with reporters, the purchase of the NX200 series when traveling to 12000 km began to malfunction, 4S shop promised to replace the free assembly. It is worth noting that TOYOTA has been in the last year, tens of thousands of CVT transmission in Japan were recalled, at the same time, CVT gearbox made of leiling and corolla also appeared to be equipped with the outside world is called "invisible recall" incident, so many NX models of CVT transmission owners expressed concerns once the vehicle is out of warranty, the replacement cost of several million yuan will be borne by the owner. The reporter sent to Lexus on the question of issues related to the owner of the interview letter, but as of this writing has not yet received a reply. Hot models renewed turmoil since the 2014 Guangzhou international auto show, Lexus NX series models has been continued selling situation. In the first half of this year, in the fierce competition in the medium-sized luxury SUV market, NX monthly sales exceeded 2000, continue to lead the import of SUV market, but the quality of the gearbox behind the sales began to expose. According to the owner Mr. Chen said, the purchase of the Lexus NX2.0L models, the gearbox is CVT stepless gearbox, after traveling more than 10 thousand kilometers, the dashboard shows "TRC off" and other information, after Lexus 4S shop inspection, found problems with the gearbox, after the 4S shop for free replacement gear box assembly, but because the vehicle is still within 4 years 100 thousand km warranty policy, it does not extend the warranty; similar to the owner Mr. Wang and Mr. Chen encountered such a situation, the same as the purchase of Lexus NX2.0L models, on the road for more than 20 thousand kilometers after the gearbox failure, 4S in its free replacement gearbox assembly later, the same does not extend the warranty. It is understood that the current Lexus SUV NX2.0L series is equipped with a Lexus only on相关的主题文章: