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The information disclosure of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the Shenzhen listed companies through business and related matters Phoenix Financial News News September 30th, notify the information disclosure of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the Shenzhen listed companies through business and related matters, a single foreign investor to stake a single listed company shall not exceed 10% of the total shares of the listed company, the shareholding ratio of all foreign investors a listed company shall not exceed 30% of the total shares of the listed company. Deep shares through the company’s A+ H shares in the trading hours and not timely disclosure of major incidents, can apply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange suspended; Shenzhen can also be seen directly take measures to suspend, the listed company should be combined with the relevant announcement. The suspension of circumstances, the listed company shall apply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed applicant company and H-share stock and derivatives exchange synchronous suspension. The original announcement: the listed company and related information disclosure obligations: according to the "Shenzhen stock exchange Shenzhen industry service implementation measures" (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Tong" implementation measures "provisions"), in the regular adjustment investigation deadline for six months before the A stock average market value of not less than 6 billion yuan (according to the actual time to market to calculate the market value of listed for less than six months) of the Shenzhen Component Index and Shenzhen stock index and the small and medium-sized listed companies at the same time, Shenzhen and Hong Kong (H shares listed on the main board of the stock exchange, hereinafter referred to as "A+ shares") issued on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "the") listed A shares, in addition to ST and *ST stocks, the stock delisting finishing and B-share stock, in principle, be deep shares through stock. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the Shenzhen Hong Kong through business, protect the legitimate rights and interests of domestic and foreign investors, the deep shares through the stock issuer (hereinafter referred to as the "deep stock company") notice the information disclosure of relevant matters as follows: first, follow the "Shenzhen Tong two does not change the existing regulatory framework, do not change investors’ trading habits" general principles through the company, Shenzhen stock market should still follow the original domestic rules system, in accordance with the "information disclosure of listed companies management approach", the "Listing Rules", "GEM Listing Rules" and other provisions to fulfill the obligation of information disclosure. Two, appointed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the official website () for the Shenzhen stock exchange designated information disclosure website. Shenzhen Tong business opened, deep in the shares through the company’s official website and cninf disclosure of information at the same time, shall continue in accordance with the existing provisions in the information disclosure of the designated media to disclose relevant information; disclosure of information related to the specific mode of operation still existing regulations. Three deep shares through the company focus of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through business opened changes and influence. Shenzhen Tong business opened, foreign investors will be through the transaction of shares through stock to become a shareholder of the company. Changes in the structure of the company’s shareholders, the company’s information disclosure methods and requirements, the convening of the general meeting of shareholders and the exercise of shareholder rights, investor relations management, will face a new environment. Shenzhen stock exchange company should pay attention to and adapt to changes in the external environment, further standardize the disclosure of information, strengthen investor relations management. Four, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the relevant information disclosure obligations should be at the same time to all investors at home and abroad to publicly disclose significant information to ensure that all investors can be flat;相关的主题文章: