The housing loan against the property market into housing prices. ajviewer

The housing loan against the property market into housing prices with the accomplice of current real estate mortgage loans from banks, to buy a house, it may even the down payment can not, this is the real mortgage loan. Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey found that, if in strict accordance with the regulations and operation process, this kind of bank housing loan against products it is impossible to highfalutin into the property market, can avoid regulatory restrictions to buy bank funds must rely on non-standard action or resort to deceit regulatory playing the edge ball. Unpopular in the property market, more and more people find that the bank is the most cost-effective way to buy money investment. So, a lot of people playing a clever little abacus, with the existing real estate mortgage loans from banks, to buy a house, it may even be able to avoid the down payment. The real loan products are considered to be the accomplice of rising property. The phenomenon of banks personal housing loan against the so-called "housing loan products" refers to the borrower to themselves or between people of real estate as collateral, consumer or business purposes to the bank for the use of disposable or circulation of RMB loans. In fact, the housing mortgage loan business is a traditional business bank, not only when the property market is hot, most banks have this kind of business, but there are differences in specific restrictions. BYD reporter learned from a number of banks, the personal housing loan against the product is divided into two kinds, one kind is used to meet the individual consumer loans, decoration, travel, study abroad and other consumer demand, the other is business loans, to meet individual businesses or Small and micro businesses production needs. Consumer loans are more stringent than the operating restrictions. It is reported that the Beijing area housing loan against business interest rates higher than mortgage loans, not only can not be discounted, but in general the floating benchmark interest rate based on 10%-30%, the loan period is generally 10 years, up to 20 years or 30 years, and the lender age plus loan period should not exceed 70. The real mortgage loan business loan amount is the mortgage property to assess the value of 7-8, and the assessed value of real estate is not equal to the market price of the market, general 7-8, individual banks allowed to do 9, that is to say the real market price 1 million yuan at most can also loan from the Bank 600 thousand yuan. Of course, the same as mortgage loans, the amount of housing loans, in addition to the market value of the property, but also related to the ability to repay the lender, the general bank requires monthly income greater than 2 times the amount of the monthly repayment. 2014, in order to prevent the loan funds into the field of investment, the Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau issued a special document requirements, the principle of personal consumption loans issued amount of not more than 1 million yuan, within a period of less than 10 years. This means that the Bank of Beijing to apply for personal consumption loans, no matter how high your mortgage real estate valuation, regardless of how much your personal income, the most can only be 1 million yuan loan. BYD reporter noted that this is just the regulatory authorities "principle, some banks have cooperation with other agencies, the development of mortgage loans the maximum amount of more than 1 million. Following the housing loan against and cannot buy stocks? A bank official told reporters that BYD, whether consumer loans or business loans can not be used to buy a house to buy the stock.相关的主题文章: