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The guy was a knife stabbing murderer is selling his wife suspected her ex husband Beijing – emotional life daily news 16 September 18th 16 PM, occurred in Nangang District of Harbin prosperity Street No. 85 in front of a murder, a guy was selling a man with a sharp knife stabbed to death, the suspects then fled the scene, the police have launched survey. According to a stall at the scene, the man killed the nickname chubby, friendly person, is five people, 29 years old this year, selling vegetables here for a long time. Usually chubby and his wife here selling beans, eggplant, "today they came relatively late, around 3 p.m. to Chutan, just set up a stall in less than an hour, there is a more than and 20 year old man down from the opposite side of the car, with a knife in his hand, said nothing, Chong a chubby chest stabbed by a knife thrown on the floor, then turned and ran." The result of a sudden, many people did not react, chubby wife also quickly ran over, hand over the wound for help. But after medical staff checked and confirmed Rooney was killed on the spot. It is reported that chubby wife of grief and cause a heart attack, were passers-by rushed to hospital. 18 PM, the chubby wife helped his family back to the scene, sitting on the ground crying, and did not say much for the cause of the incident, after being taken away by the police investigation. The insiders said that the assailant is the woman’s ex husband, like because the two sides have emotional entanglements. At present, the police are through the relevant clues to lock the suspect, the specific situation is under further investigation. (Lu Ming)相关的主题文章: