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The guy playing drunk neighbors injured for anti Procuratorate made the decision not to prosecute – Beijing guy playing drunk neighbors injured anti home was pleading for understanding changes in Procuratorate made the decision not to prosecute the president the next night drinking too loud dissatisfaction, remind the door, neighbors wearing a small blow made the left ear piercing, constitutes a minor. In a bail, Mr. Ren learned that Xiao Dai’s father died due to cerebral hemorrhage, not only for small wear for love also give up economic compensation. According to the actual situation, the case yesterday morning, Dongcheng procuratorate held on-site in two people living in the community of small auspicious, read a decision not to prosecute. Nuisance wounded old neighbor "Uncle drunk I was wrong, I’m sorry for your aunt." Yesterday morning, the auspicious community conference room, 37 burly little wear like a guilty schoolboy, sincerely bow down to an elderly couple sitting on the opposite side of the apology. Then, as if he felt that his actions were not sincere enough, he hurried to the old man and hugged and shook hands with the old couple (see photo). In January 7th this year, Xiao Dai and his father and a friend to drink, drink up to forget the time, a few people did not pay attention to control the volume. Around 3 in the morning, living in the next couple of husband and wife really can not stand it, knocking on the door to remind the small to wear a small voice. While wearing a small bottle of liquor and the other after a dispute, and Mr. Ren wounded. After diagnosis, Mr. Ren Department of left ear piercing, has constituted minor injuries two. Neighbor initiative for batterers plead the case handling period, Xiao Dai’s father in March 15th due to hemorrhage of brain death. In the case to the East Procuratorate, Mr. Ren was playing active wrote a long letter to the contractor, the explicit expression of the "no criminal responsibility Dai, and give up all the economic claims" attitude. Ren said, first of all, taking into account the small Dai is still young, life is still a long way to go, do not want this momentary impulse to bring disaster to the future of their lives to bring stains. Secondly, Mr. Dai learned that after the death of his father, given its father’s funeral cuisine can be costly, plus a small home wear and a perennial bedridden mother to take care of the little wear and there is no fixed occupation, if you ask the economic compensation, is bound to cause greater pressure on the economy and spirit. Prosecutors made the decision not to prosecute the Dongcheng procuratorate that Dai’s behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury, but taking into account the first offense, automatically after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crimes, the minor crime, according to criminal law does not require punishment, the victim of Dai Yim also said not to pursue its legal responsibility, the prosecution then a decision not to prosecute. Yesterday morning, prosecutors deliberately came to the incident auspicious community, in the face of the residents on behalf of the prosecution did not read the decision. Small Dai also read a book written by his repentance overnight. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that the incident so far, Mr. Ren in order to treat the ear, has spent more than 3000 yuan, there may be follow-up treatment costs in the future. After wearing little repentance, Mr. Ren magnanimously said, "Zhicuojiugai child is a good thing, today we Wen相关的主题文章: