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"The Great Wall" conference Huang Xuan secret general sloppily – Sohu yellow suit appeared conference entertainment Xuan Xuan yellow red carpet Sohu entertainment news yesterday, costume fantasy movie "the Great Wall" was held in Beijing five military build-up, will Xiongguan "conference, director Zhang Yimou with many a main record debut. The same day, Huang Xuan wore a suit coming conference, show the gentleman character every twinkle and smile. "The Great Wall" tells the story of an elite army in order to defend the human race against the Great Wall in the story of the beast. Named to the five beast five divisions are manifestations of traditional culture inherited and China, this movie in the whole China shooting, in addition to the strong Chinese elements outside, also have large commercial standard. Huang Xuan plays the deer generals in the movie general Deng he, the leading infantry army was a cavalry, such as gallop in the jungle in Milwaukee, gluttonous group blaze trail, with the front line soldiers and raging hit monster battle. Huang Xuan in a modern drama image are the fashion elite class, a suit enough suction eye. In the costume movie and TV drama, Huang Xuan is the most gentle yet domineering, "female biography", "Princess medicine Mi month biography", Huang Xuan’s performance so many fans sister eyebrows, known as "national love". The "demon cat", Huang Xuan plays the poet Bai Letian scholar emotional, more clear sense of where. General Deng the "the Great Wall" in the past is different and the role of full of British gas, you can see the one or two from the exposure of the poster, the movie not only Daguai upgrade pleasure, the soldiers also shocking to protect our homes and defend our country.   相关的主题文章: