The good weather in Changsha is often accompanied by the temperature difference between day and nigh-clonecd

In the new week, the good weather in Changsha is often accompanied by large temperature difference between day and night. Please prevent the cold. The headline is: the temperature difference between day and night is big. Sooner or later, we need to add some clothes. Changsha evening news, mid autumn holidays, the good weather comes from the beginning to the end. It is expected that Changsha will be fine or cloudy in the next week. The heat and the rain are far away from us, and the blue sky and white clouds are often accompanied, and it is the most comfortable season of the year. "When the weather is cold in the morning and evening, pay attention to the clothes." My mother always reminds in the ear. Dew to the autumnal equinox, the protagonist of the stage is quietly changing weather, cold air and warm air attack slowly, gradually become the season a year away, the biggest difference. Analysis of the reasons, the weather experts say, this is all related to the cloud. At this time, the "subtropical high fever" subtropical high is retreating in the Western Pacific Ocean, plus the continental high-pressure barrier, and the southern water vapor is difficult to move northward, and the clouds condensed from the water vapor also decrease. Less during the day of the clouds blocked sunlight in the afternoon there will be a hot summer night; little clouds of insulation, cooling significantly, so the temperature difference between day and night is opened. Weather is expected tomorrow, sunny or cloudy, temperature 21 to 30 DEG C, sooner or later, do not wear too little to prevent colds; 20, the ground cold air southward, cloud more, the temperature decreased slightly. (Peng Fang, a reporter for the Changsha Evening News)

新一周长沙好天气常相伴 昼夜温差大请防感冒原标题:昼夜温差大 早晚要添衣长沙晚报讯 中秋假期,好天气从头到尾陪伴着大家。预计未来一周,长沙都是晴或多云的好天气。燥热和雨水都离我们较远,蓝天白云常相伴,正是一年中最舒适的季节。“早晚天气凉了,要注意加衣服。”老妈时时在耳边叮咛。白露到秋分之间,天气舞台的主角正悄然换班,冷空气慢慢转守为攻,暖空气逐渐退避三舍,成为一年中温差最大的时节。分析其中的原因,气象专家称,这都与云有关。此时“生热高手”副热带高压退居西太平洋,加上大陆高压阻挡,南方的水汽难以向北输送,天空由水汽凝结成的云也减少。白天少了云层的阻挡,太阳光长驱直入,午后还会有夏日的炎热感;夜间少了云层的保温,降温明显,所以昼夜温差就拉开了。市气象台预计,今明两天,晴天或多云,气温21℃至30℃,早晚不要穿得太少,以防感冒;20日,地面干冷空气南下,云系较多,气温略降。(长沙晚报 记者 彭放)相关的主题文章: