The global communications industry’s first commercial quantum communication link opened invictus gaming

The communications industry: the world’s first commercial quantum communication of the opening of China Merchants Securities communications industry research report released in October 28th, the report is as follows: last week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index rose 0.66%, the communications industry (Shen Wan) fell 0.40% in the SWS level of 28 sub industries, communications plate this week rose ranked twenty-seventh. Key recommendation: [kingsignal], [] (Kyrgyzstan media and media group jointly recommended), [[], spin pole information, Dr. Peng Mei Tainuo] [], [], [Fiberhome Nanjing panda], [], [Donghua Accelink test], [], [sea Hengtong photoelectric []], can reach jiaxunfeihong; recommendations concern: ZTE, [] [], Glarun technology [], [Haili metal feilihua]. AT& T850 billion acquisition of Time Warner, operators to promote the transformation and upgrading of the value of integration. Att Corporation (at & T) announced that the price will be $85 billion 400 million acquisition of American entertainment media giant time warner. In recent years, AT& T actively seek transformation through the acquisition of content. Recommendations focus on the opportunity to enhance the value of business transformation and integration. Key recommendation: []: [Dr. Peng China] recommendations concern Unicom Unicom to promote the establishment of a global networking and car networking alliance, the first standardized NB-IoT network end to open, fully equipped for industrial chain. October 18th, hosted by China Unicom’s first global networking networking collaborative workshop held in Beijing. The next 3-5 years will enter the substantive stage of landing. The steady demand for automotive market, the development of the communication network and the relevant technical standards landing soon and high ARPU properties make the car networking become the most valuable industry segments of the industry, is expected to take the lead in the outbreak. Recommended positive attention. Key recommendation: Gao Hong shares, Datang Telecom, ZTE, Shing Road Communications, Guomai, navinfo. Mobile announced the results of the optical fiber cable, continuous focus on the recommendation of optical communications. China Mobile announced in 2016 the ordinary cable products in the. With the rapid development of 4K high bandwidth video services, traffic demand will be explosive growth of operators to accelerate the construction of catalytic ultra wide optical transmission equipment, optical devices and stimulating demand, optical communications will continue to boom. Key recommendation: Hengtong photoelectric, Fiberhome communications, Yangtze Communications, optical fiber and cable. The world’s first commercial quantum communication lines open, quantum communication industry to the next city. Recommendations concern: Science and technology, Zhejiang Oriental, sanlux, Hengsheng, dcits, laborers technology. Accelerate the development of civil and military integration depth, huge military information space. Key recommendation: kingsignal [] [], spin polar information three quarter business data of the telecom market. MIIT released the three quarter of the telecommunications industry data; mobile release of the three quarter operating data, the rapid development of 4G services, China Unicom released the first three quarters of earnings warning.相关的主题文章: