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The foreigner was robbing cuddle! Hsu Chi strong ability to attract the opposite sex? Text Sina column of water to catch the fun of Le Le bus recently, Hsu Chi and Carina Lau attended a high-end jewelry exhibition in beijing. Hsu Chi has a long white dress dress elegant appearance, sexy, won the top photo cuddle shoulder many foreigners. Hsu Chi said in an interview later, recently, for a long time did not relax in idle away in seeking pleasure, for marriage, and her husband together from many, Hsu Chi admitted that everyone should have their own space. For the status of the family order, Hsu Chi said with a smile, "the highest is my pet cat, I ranked third, questioning the media have differences, Mr. Feng is second? Hsu Chi half jokingly replied, "because there are two cats in my house." Have to say, Hsu Chi’s charm is, in many public occasions will attract the attention of men, and foreigners are more open, can not help but Louloubaobao, following a group of pictures is illustrative: Kazakhstan   in April this year, Hsu Chi wore see-through dress attend the endorsement activities by foreigners, high-level hug the waist photo frequent interaction. A time to participate in the celebration of the anniversary of Hsu Chi VOGUE, opening the door to let in the big show sexy body, foreign honey waist obviously close embrace. A brand new store opening ceremony, Hsu Chi Hsu Chi was outed by foreigners cuddle with Luke · Evans cuddle did not resist by foreigners. The chest to see here, maybe someone like me questions: why is Hsu Chi so much charm? Some people say don’t let dew. In most people’s eyes, both men and women, don’t think Hsu Chi is a great beauty, but she is kind of charming, can be called a beauty woman. Usually as long as have a woman, there will be a lot of men in droves, want in the bag.   Hsu Chi not only foreigners come to love, her circle of friends is also very tough, a birthday, many of the big stars have micro-blog’s blessing. In September this year announced the marriage, I know that is not only a lot of people want her to eat melon, circle so many stars, the three places are Taiwan, mainland China, Hongkong, the entertainment people in Zhu Shuqi happy, she is the goddess of many people have several not clear, to Hsu Chi said the United States, who is more elusive charm and beauty.   in addition to these, Hsu Chi is a brave and true, regardless of personal danger woman, which is why she is often included in the gold 3S lady team. Perhaps some people will say that she is the three star, which man would dare marry her? In fact, this is just a reason is not worth mentioning, so many customers even AV actress are married and have children, not to mention a well deserved golden horse?   fortunately, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung met for 20 years, low-key exchanges announced marriage for the past 4 years. Hsu Chi married, as they say, one time a little impulse to cry, do not know why, probably since Hsu Chi feels so low-key but gentle and comfortable, perhaps, there is no reason, only wish her happiness. Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina相关的主题文章: