The collapse of a building in Xuanhan, Dazhou, causing 4 deaths, 2 injuries and three ropes downstai-y580

Dazhou Xuanhan building collapse caused 4 Dead 2 injured a three drop down (Figure) the evening of September 19th 7:40, Dazhou (micro-blog) gold town, Xuanhan County College Village 1 groups of houses collapsed, after the accident, 12 people were trapped or lost, through unremitting efforts, the night of 8 people rescued 4 people trapped in the ruins of another. At 2 p.m. on the 21 day, the search and rescue work was completed. After searching for help, 4 of the trapped people were killed. The cause of the incident is being investigated. Housing contractors and other responsible persons have been controlled by the public security organs. The rehabilitation work is being carried out in an orderly way. The incident suddenly occurred to the residents that the gas exploded around 7:40 on the evening of 19. After dinner, Mrs. Zhao watched TV at home as usual. Suddenly, a loud noise scared her out of a cold sweat. "I thought there was a gas explosion." Ms. Zhao said, when opening the window to observe the situation on the street, there was a strong smell of dust on the pavement. It was very sharp. "At that time, the sky was gray, and it felt that the house opposite to the house was different. I could hear someone crying for help." She lived on the 4 floor and rushed downstairs to see it. A lot of people in the town had been caught up. The 7 storey buildings, which had been on the opposite side, had collapsed 1/3. The inhabitants of the town called the rescue phone while organizing themselves to save themselves. "About 8:30, there were two fire engines, and in a few minutes the ambulance came." Ms. Zhao said, the fire fighters to observe the scene, quickly deployed including ladder truck, reinforcements. "At the time of 9, there were a lot of people involved in the rescue." Ms. Cheng, a neighborhood resident, said that three of his family lived in the 3 floor of a building building. After the incident, it was prepared to escape the scene from the front door and found the corridor collapsed. In desperation, Ms. Cheng’s husband immediately searched for the remaining cables in the decoration, bundled up on a 13 year old child, and lowered him down the stairs. The family safely evacuated the accident site in such a way. That night, Xuanhan County Fire Brigade, Sinopec Puguang emergency center, Dazhou blue rescue team, Dazhou rescue team and Bashan rescue teams, hundreds of volunteers rushed to the scene of the accident, the night fighting operations in the rubble, rescue trapped people. After the accident, according to the preliminary statistics of the government of the Golden Town, 12 people were trapped or lost in the evening. In the unremitting efforts of the rescue team, 6 people were quickly rescued. Only two people did not escape in time: a woman surnamed Zhang with grandchildren, another is Kwak, Jo couple and their daughter. In the night, rescuers rescued the young children aged only 6 and 7 years old, and rushed to the hospital. At 9 o’clock in the morning of 20, Guo was rescued and died, but Zhang Popo, Cao and Cao’s daughter were still not rescued. There was a lingering fear that the woman was rescued after being trapped for 20 minutes. "At that time, the movement outside was very big, like thunder. When I got up from the sofa, I was shaking all over. The first thing I thought of was to run, but I pulled it a few times, and the door of the living room could not be opened… " Zhang Xuegui, a 74 year old woman, has experienced the collapse of the house, recalling the situation in which he was trapped at home. At about 7:40 that night, Zhang Xuegui sat alone on the sofa in the living room watching TV, and the huge sound of "roaring and roaring" suddenly came out. "The floor of the house is shaking fiercely, and many things fall off the ceiling. When I react, the sofa is full of ash, and then the electric light goes off, and everything is dark before it can be seen." Since then, Zhang Xuegui, curled in the corner of the wall, can only be detected by his ears. "I hear a lot of people shouting, the building is broken!" Quick rescue! " About 20 minutes later, the fire arrived, and the neighbours who did business on the same street came. "Fire truck ladder out to my door, but a little short distance ladder, I can’t go down." Zhang Xuegui said, the neighbours with tools to open her door, she will slowly with a rope hanging to the ladder, and then by the fire brigade had moved her to safety. "That night, I was sent to a hotel in a nearby hotel by the government. On the second morning, I knew that the house next to us collapsed, and the 5 floor of Guo Lin, Zhang Dafu on the 7 floor, and the house collapsed. Zhang Xuegui said, 20 morning only to know, Zhang Dafu was successfully rescued that night, but regretfully, Guo Lin was rescued in the morning of 20, has been dead. Cao Ying, the wife of Guo Lin, is still buried in the ruins and is unknown to his life and death. Witnessed the scene touched the wall machine fell 20 at 2 pm on the scene, suddenly the roar of the machine, a large excavator began demolition of houses collapsed. I saw the excavator gently touched the housing wall, wall brick with contiguous collapse. What is the construction and construction of the building? According to Yan Popo, a resident of gold town, the accident building was built for the town of this town before and after 2010, and it was sold in 2011. "Fu has a good reputation in the town, Haruki also contracted a fish pond and opened a farm music." Mr. Zhao, a resident of the two floor of the accident building, confirmed the words of the mother-in-law. Before the incident, more than 20 houses in the building had been sold out, and half of the households had been decorated, but only about 6 people had been at home for a long time. He also disclosed that a few days before the incident, the 1 floor of the household in the decoration operation, but the family had left when the incident. Mr. Zhao said that he bought at a house, but did not land and property certificates, only the operator of a purchase agreement and his book, "the specific documents, we do not know, we like a building with a land books, but what is the specific documents, we have not seen." "This house is too good to be dismantled. There is no steel in it. It feels that the cement is not enough." A people who did not want to be transparent, said that they had been engaged in the construction industry for many years and had a good understanding of the structure of the house. "If the buildings built in the river, deep foundation, reinforced beam, may not". After visiting the countryside, the reporters found that there were few buildings under 3 storeys in the field. Whether they were built or rebuilt, more than 6 floors became the basic configuration. The golden streets, which were not spacious, had already become a transport channel for building materials. In a construction site not far away from the collapsed building, several workers who did not wear safety equipment carried out the construction work while talking about the collapse. The construction site of frightened people, many scaffolding has been relegated to a building next door to the balcony, upstairs from the sand, may hit the road at any time. Outside a site, Ms. Luo, holding a child in her arms, sat on the side of the road to feed the children. Is a squeeze into a joint house in front of her. "The houses in the town were built privately, and most of them were sold to the nearby villagers, but some buildings were built too high and felt unsafe, and I certainly didn’t dare to buy them." "The building in the town is said to be the building of the rural housing, a building is only land use certificate, no real estate card." Ms. Luo said, many town homestead housing less normal complete approval and approval process, there may be many buildings with construction land planning permits are not handled." Without planning permission, how to pass through the housing construction? Ms. Luo said, "the housing construction is a small meaning, most of the land here is the villager’s homestead, the housing construction can not be managed so much." The accident housing is related to the construction of procedures have collapsed? At 3 p.m. on the 20 day, the reporter went to the golden town of golden town to live in a residential building. The gate was closed, and no staff were found. The cause of official voice accident is being investigated. After the accident, the reporter repeatedly briefed the Propaganda Department of the Xuanhan county Party committee about the accident rescue and casualties. The other side said they were in the rescue, and the related information was sent out afterwards. From 21 o’clock to 12 o’clock in the morning on the morning of 9, the reporter contacted the propaganda department for some time, and was responsible for knowing the situation. The other party was not clear about the situation and hung up the phone quickly. After that, they received the text message at 11:46, "search and rescue is in progress". At 2:30 on the afternoon of 22, the reporter sent a call to the Propaganda Department of the Xuanhan County Committee to understand the progress of the accident. A responsible person surnamed Feng said, "search and rescue work in the afternoon of 21 2 points to stop, the accident caused 2 people were injured and 4 people were killed." When three people were not found in the ruins, he said, "I don’t know," he said, "please find the relevant departments for evidence." And quickly hang up the phone. Is there a complete construction procedure for the collapse of the building, and whether the construction of the rural building in the rural area is in conformity with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations? The reporter called the director of the Xuanhan County Housing Bureau, Peng Weidong, and the Secretary of the Party committee of the Golden Town, Luo Huai’an, to understand the situation. As of the reporter’s contribution, two per capita did not receive the phone. Reporters learned from other sources that the cause of the accident is being intensified, and the responsible persons such as housing contractors and other related persons have been controlled by the public security organs, and the rehabilitation work is being carried out in an orderly way. West China City Reader reporter Jing Mingan Zeng industry photographer editor note: this video is not related to the original text, only for extended reading. Jiangsu Wuxi private house explosion collapse caused 5 deaths and 5 injuries.

达州宣汉某楼房坍塌致4死2伤 一家三口绳降下楼(图) 9月19日晚7点40分左右,达州(微博)市宣汉县黄金镇书院村1组一幢民房发生坍塌,事故发生后,12人被困或失联,经过不懈努力,当晚8名群众获救,另有4名群众被困废墟。21日下午2点,搜救工作全面结束。经全力搜救,被困的4名群众不幸身亡,事件原因正加紧调查,房屋承建商等相关责任人已被公安机关控制,善后工作正有序开展。事发突然 住户以为煤气爆炸了19日晚7点40分左右,吃过晚饭收拾妥当的赵女士,和往常一样在家中看电视,突然,一声巨响,把她吓出了一身冷汗。“我当时还以为哪儿煤气爆炸了。”赵女士表示,当打开窗户观察街上情况时,一股浓烈的灰尘味铺面而来,十分刺鼻,“当时天已经灰蒙蒙的,只感觉对面的房子有些不一样,隐约听见有人在喊救命。”家住4楼的她,赶紧冲下楼来查看,场镇上不少居民也赶了过来,对面原本7层高的楼房,已经坍塌了三分之一。场镇上的居民一边组织自救,一边拨打了救援电话。“大概8点半,来了两辆消防车,不一会儿救护车也来了。”赵女士说,消防战士观察现场情况后,迅速增派了包括云梯消防车在内的增援力量。“9点多的时候,现场已经有很多人参与救援。”附近居民程女士介绍,自己一家三口就住在事发楼房3楼,事发后准备从正门逃脱现场,发现楼道坍塌。无奈之下,程女士的丈夫立即找来装修时剩下的电缆,捆扎在13岁孩子的身上,将他绳降下楼,一家人用这样的方法安全撤离出事故现场。当天夜里,宣汉县消防大队、中石化普光气田应急中心、达州蓝天救援队、达州巴山救援队等多支救援队,数百名志愿者赶赴事故现场,连夜在废墟中奋战作业,搜救被困群众。事故发生后,据黄金镇政府初步统计,当晚有12名群众被困或失联。在救援队员的不懈努力下,迅速救出6名群众。只有两家人未及时逃脱:一家是张姓婆婆带着孙子、孙女,另一家是郭某、曹某夫妇和其女儿。当天夜里,救援人员将张婆婆年仅6岁和7岁的幼童救出,紧急送往医院。20日早上9时许,郭某被救出后不幸身亡,但张婆婆、曹某及曹某女儿三人仍未救出。心有余悸 太婆被困20分钟后获救“当时外面的动静很大,像打雷一样,我从沙发上站起来的时候,全身都在发抖。我首先想到的就是快跑,但我使劲拉了几次,客厅的门就是打不开……”74岁的太婆张学桂,亲历了这起民房坍塌事件,回忆起当时被困在家中的情形,至今心有余悸。当晚7点40分左右,张学桂独自一人坐在客厅的沙发上看电视,室外突然传来“轰隆轰隆”的巨大声响。“家里的地板抖得厉害,天花板上掉了好多东西下来,等我反应过来的时候,沙发上全是灰,紧接着电灯也灭了,眼前一片漆黑,啥都看不见了。”此后,蜷缩在墙角的张学桂,只能靠耳朵探测外面的动静:“我听好多人在喊,楼垮了!快救人!”大约20分钟后,消防赶到,在同一条街道上做生意的邻居也来了。“消防车伸出云梯到我家门口,但云梯距离有点短,我下不去。”张学桂说,邻居用工具撬开她的房门后,用绳索将她慢慢吊到了云梯上,再由消防官兵将她转移到了安全地带。“当天晚上,我被政府的人送到附近的一个宾馆住宿。第二天早上,才晓得我们隔壁的那间房子垮完了,5楼的郭林、7楼的张达富,房子也垮完了。”张学桂说,20日早上才知道,张达富当晚被成功救出,但遗憾的是,郭林在20日上午被救出来时已经死亡。郭林的妻子曹英(音),还被埋在废墟中,生死不明。现场目击 机器一碰墙体就倒20日下午2点,现场突然机器轰鸣,一辆大型挖机开始对坍塌房屋进行拆除。只见挖机轻轻一碰房屋墙体,墙上的砖就紧跟着连片倒塌。事发楼房何人建造、何时修建?据黄金镇居民严婆婆介绍,事故楼房为本镇符某修建于 2010 年前后,2011年开始售卖。“符某在镇上的口碑还不错,在村上还承包了一个鱼塘,开了一个农家乐。”事故楼房二楼住户赵先生,证实了严婆婆的话。事发前,该幢楼房20多套房子已售完,有一半住户进行了装修,但长期在家的只有6户人左右。他还透露,事发前几日,1楼有住户在进行装修作业,但事发时该户人家已离开。赵先生说,自己购买了符某的房子,但并没有土地证和房产证,只有符某和自己的购房协议书,“具体证件,我们都不懂,好像我们一幢楼一起有个土地本本,但具体是什么证件,我们也没有看到过。”“这房子太好拆了,里面居然没有钢筋,感觉水泥用量也不够。”一位不愿意透明姓名的群众表示,自己从事建筑行业多年,对房子的结构十分了解。“楼房建在河边,如果地基打得深,使用钢筋圈梁,也许就不得出事”。走访调查 农村自建房遍地开花记者发现,场镇里已经很少有3层以下的小楼房了,无论是重建还是加建,6层以上成了基本配置。原本就不宽敞的黄金街道,俨然已经成为建筑材料运输通道。就在坍塌楼房不远处的一处施工现场,几个未穿戴安全设备的工人,一边进行施工作业,一边议论着坍塌事故。施工现场让人心惊胆战,不少脚手架已经挤到了隔壁楼房的阳台上,楼上掉下来的沙石,随时可能砸中路人。一个工地外,罗女士怀里抱着小孩,坐在路边给孩子喂食。她眼前是一幢幢挤成一条缝的房屋。“镇上的房子都是私人修建的,大部分卖给附近的村民,但有些楼房建得过高,感觉不安全,我肯定不敢买。”“场镇上的楼房说白了就是农村自建房,一幢楼就只有土地使用证,没有房产证。”罗女士说,镇上不少宅基地建房很少正常走完整个报建及审批的流程,“有可能不少楼房连建设用地规划许可证都没有办理。”没有用地规划许可,如何从住建所过关?罗女士表示,“住建所都是小意思,这里的土地大多是村民的宅基地,住建所管不了那么多。”坍塌事故房屋是否拥有相关报建手续?20日下午3点,记者前往位于黄金镇上的黄金片区住建所,大门紧闭,并未发现任何工作人员。官方声音事故原因正在调查中事故发生后,记者多次向宣汉县委宣传部了解事故救援、伤亡情况,对方均表示正在救援中,相关情况通报随后发出。21 日上午9点至12点,记者多次联系宣传部相关负责了解情况,对方均已不清楚情况为由,迅速挂断电话,后在11点46分收到短信,“搜救进行中”。22日下午2点半,记者再次致电宣汉县委宣传部了解事故进展情况。一冯姓负责人表示,“搜救工作于21 日下午 2 点停止,事故造成 2 人受伤4人死亡。”对于为何在废墟中还有三人未找到时,就进行房屋拆除时,他表示“我不清楚,具体情况请找相关部门求证。”并迅速挂断电话。事故坍塌楼房是否具有完备建设手续,以及场镇上农村自建房的建设,是否符合相关法规要求?记者分别致电宣汉县住建局局长彭卫东和黄金镇党委书记罗怀安了解情况,截至记者发稿,二人均未接听电话。记者从其他渠道获悉,事故原因正加紧调查中,房屋承建商等相关责任人已被公安机关控制,善后工作正有序开展。华西城市读本记者 敬铭安 曾业摄影报道编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 江苏无锡民房爆炸坍塌 致5死5伤相关的主题文章: