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The car rings: Tesla "change"! You know what? Sohu – car Tesla this guy recently did not take the unusual way: Tesla owners to use Tesla super charging money, many believe this buddy knows this guy, but Tesla recently to "change" in the media… Onion brother got the news, Tesla owners will use the super charging possible you need to pay. Tesla announced that in the near future after January 2017, Tesla car to buy small partners, Tesla every year to allow you to charge 1000 miles (about 1609 kilometers) free charge on the super charging pile. Behind the charge of electricity, small partners will have to pay, and how much charge? According to the different regions of the price alone, but, Tesla also said that the charge must be lower than the cost of fuel to fuel the car needed. What is the super charging pile? Tesla’s super charging pile can quickly charge for Tesla’s models, power up to 120 kW, charging about 270 km to travel about 30 km. There is no ready to buy Tesla Hao buddy? Will this affect your decision to buy a car? Buy a car afraid of being cheated? There are questions to ask you to come here to change the old driver seconds, only to pay attention to the WeChat public number: " onion ring;.相关的主题文章: