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The BMW championship leader Dustin SPIs ranking fell out of the top five sports Sohu – Beijing time on September 11th, the total prize money of up to $8 million 500 thousand US tour BMW BMW championship in the American state of Indiana Carmel hockey golf club into the third match day of the competition. Dustin – Johnson in the eighteenth hole into a 17 foot birdie putt, round shot 68 under par 4 grades, with 3 bar ahead of Paul Casey, entered the final round. Paul Casey – a total score of 15 under par ranked second, J.B. Holmes, a total score of 14 under par Roberto Castro ranked third, a total score of 12 under par ranked fourth, Adam – Scott and Matt – Kuchal a total score of 11 under par, ranked tied for fifth. Dustin Johnson is pursuing a third victory this season, this is his occupation career the 200th time to participate in the tour, if you can win, it will be his twelfth PGA Tour champion, while approaching Jensen dey held the throne of the world, and is expected to beat the Australians won the PGA Tour. The player of the year. Paul – Casey has won the Barclays classic title, hoping to win the third PGA Tour title, and in East Lake to chase the championship of the FedEx cup. J.B. Holmes, the current championship in the American Ryder Cup team ranks tenth, if can win, it will be his fifth Tour victory at the same time, is expected to receive second Ryder Cup qualification. The third round of the game, Adam – Scott, Billy – Haas Huoshaoer and Bill shot 67 under par 5 results, Adam Scott is currently a total score of 11 under par, FedEx Cup standings top five. Dustin – Johnson, Paul – Casey, Holmes J.B., Matt – Kuchaer and Jordan Sipisidou shot a 68 under par 4, but the best is Dustin Johnson, he caught 4 birdie on the last 5 holes. The poor performance of the putter Jordan – the current total score is lower than the standard par 8, tied for ninth place, he is currently ranked only in the FedEx Cup standings in the top seventh. Ricci Fowler had hoped that the good situation also won the Tour Championship and the American Ryder Cup team, but the results of his current FedEx Cup points just stuck in the dangerous position on the thirtieth. In the Ryder Cup, U. S. team captain Davies – Ralph III will be in local time on Monday announced three four wild cards in J.B., Holmes, Daniel, Brooks, Brad – like a strong rival Ricci Fowler. (Alse)相关的主题文章: