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The 6 day night staged "Moon Fairy Tales" the naked eye can see "Mars moon" – Sohu news CNR net Beijing on November 6th news (reporter Ma Zhe) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" reported today (6 days) in the evening, Mars together on the sky at night. If the weather is fine, the public interest with the naked eye can see Mars and the bright red moon embraced, lit light scene. This evening the the 7th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar "Moon" will be hanging in the sky, and the moon in the near the bottom left of the place, is the color red Mars, Mars is like a mosaic in the sky ruby. Red Mars and silver moon, relatively deep in the sky, staged a "Moon Fairy Tales", to add a bit of fun autumn night. With the passage of time, the position of the moon and Mars in the sky will gradually fall, after about 21:30 this evening, two stars will say goodbye to the sky, both fall below the horizon. Experts said that Mars is the first planet beyond Earth’s orbit, the earth is the nearest planet distance in many ways and the earth is alike, is presented for the red color. Due to the brightness changes in ancient China, Mars is called "Mars", while in the western ancient myths of Rome, Mars has been likened to the "Mars" Marrs. At the same time, Mars is the only one that can use the telescope see Earth like planets very clear. Astronomers with small telescope observations of Mars together on such a phenomenon, the effect will be better. Through the telescope, Mars will look like an orange ball. Today evening, in the cloudless area and better air quality, basically can be observed clearly to Mars this month "phenomenon.相关的主题文章: