The 40 year old Red Net has the world’s largest Hermes, but I do not envy her life (video)

The 40 year old "Red Net" has the world’s largest Hermes, but I don’t envy her life for the bag is believed to be keen, each of the women can not give up, even if the cash strapped, cannot give up the "chop hands", with a new bag, instantly found the world better… So… There have been such a sentence: this world is not what one cannot solve, if there is, it is two! Click to play GIF 388K if today to say is a chop hand addiction bag powder, and is a Hermes bag enthusiast! How fanatical, Hermes bag number is Beckham Vitoria has shocked, we all know this? Her sister-in-law Beebie ifheavier. She is from Singapore Jamie Chua (Cai Xinying), has been named the "United Evening News, the world’s largest number of Hermè the s platinum package". Click to play GIF 954K family of Hermes are divided by color, piles of…… color are relatively rare. The latest limited edition, all want to buy up of Hermes bag is her hobby, is a hundred-percent Hermè s control, has been unable to calculate the number of people, after all, has a Hermè s house. Be surrounded by Hermes life, what a terrible hao! Her locker room packed with a cabinet of Hermes bag, from Birkin to Kelly, the official of each color can be found in this. However, it will take at least six months to book a Kelly or Birkin, and it must be Hermè s’s VIP customers are eligible to register their names on the waiting list. Click to play GIF 951K, but Chua has a total of more than 100 different colors, sizes, material Hermè, s Birkin, and are classic, will not be out of date. But her favorite is Hermè the s Himalayan series, she also bought a second-hand diamond platinum package, is the legendary Birkin Himalayan, buy is 1 million, now up to 2 million, is considered to be the most expensive Hermè s package. The bag body is covered with large and small diamonds, lock on the giant Diamond 3 carats, blingbling is really bright blind ~ Beckham also has this, this is the 2009 Beckham sent her a Christmas gift, because the wife loves to Hermes, Beckham wanted a way to get. The universe invincible good husband has wood! But the Himalayan series Jamie Chua has three! One Kelly, two Birkin! In short, the price is not cheap. Click to play GIF 623K this package really super all-match this limited edition color is only a global China female two rich generation of fancy Wealth: 17 Hermes bag lined up a bag.相关的主题文章: