The 4 ministers detailed soil pollution serious pollution of cultivated land use in Beijing will cha-jinshen

The 4 ministers detailed soil pollution: serious pollution of cultivated land use in the new network will change – November 5 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Rong) yesterday morning at the National People’s Congress plenary meeting, according to the height of soil pollution concern especially the farmland pollution, 4 of the longest common solution and introduced the related work the situation. The Ministry of environmental protection pollution: the base is not clear to find out the Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining in reply to questions that members before 2020, the pollution status of national soil survey in 2013 of the "national soil pollution point exceed the standard rate of 16.1%" is not the actual soil pollution situation, now the specific base is not completely clear. Preliminary investigation from 2005 to 2013 the State Council national soil pollution. The results showed that the national soil pollution point exceed the standard rate of 16.1%, including mild, mild, moderate and severe pollution point ratio were 11.2%, 2.3%, 1.5% and 1.1%. The excessive rate of farmland soil was 19.4%, and the proportion of mild, mild, moderate and severe pollution were respectively: 13.7%, 2.8%, 1.8% and. Chen Jining said that the point is the answer rate exceed the standard problem of soil pollution in what areas, and what is the cause, and is not representative of 19.4% of the soil is contaminated, the two problems are very easy to confuse. He further said that at present there are four aspects of the difficulties in the prevention and control of soil pollution is unclear: the investigation of soil pollution is very complicated, because the spatial variability is too large, some developed countries have twenty years of soil pollution to. China has not yet established in accordance with the extent of pollution classification of agricultural land list and list of contaminated land, there are some problems on the basis of supervision. Lack of laws and regulations: there is no special law of soil pollution prevention and control in China, the pollution of land and agricultural land environmental supervision department regulations have not been introduced, the regulation can not be. The corresponding technical standards are not perfect: the lack of operational standards and norms in the investigation of soil pollution, risk assessment, management and repair, the technical system needs to be improved. Regulatory capacity needs to be strengthened: the environmental protection departments in the field of soil pollution supervision is insufficient, especially the lack of professionals, the urgent need to improve. He also introduced the action plan for the prevention and control of soil pollution in China in the next step, the main is to promote the implementation of the "five step earth ten", accelerate the legislative process, including a nationwide soil pollution survey, establish and improve the relevant standards, strengthen the construction project environmental management and supervise the local environment improvement soil management system. The most important of which is the national soil pollution survey work. Chen Jining introduction, the Ministry will work with the land, agriculture and other sectors, on the basis of the existing research foundation, to agricultural land and land for key industries enterprises focus on the investigation of soil pollution. At the end of 2018, we should find out the pollution situation of agricultural land in the end of 2020, we must grasp the distribution of the pollution plots and the environmental risk of the enterprises in the key industries. .相关的主题文章: