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The 10 teams are out of stock of global lipstick   why fire? – Fashion – original title: the 10 branches are out of stock of global lipstick why fire? Beauty industry is like a "stock" fashion "limited", to let people can ignite unlimited desire to buy, especially when the product is out of stock when the lipstick. Because we know that a lipstick is not big investment can bring a good mood Pocket Monster ah! If you are still hesitant, on how to choose and how long can lipstick makeup and worry, then, we will for you to try the lipstick world best, to help you find the most suitable one. Why can’t we all be red? If you ask a girl, "why do you buy so much lipstick?" You may not get any verbal answer, because for women it is a reasonable justice. There is nothing more exciting than a lipstick. We can not change the eye liner does not apply eye shadow, but the bag must not be no lipstick. Because it’s like a magic wand, and you just look at it and you don’t look the same. See Fan Bingbing on the comparison is not difficult to find: = color lipstick! Even if your skin condition is good, the skin white, but also can not compare the beauty of the white. Painted eye makeup can be beautiful? IU Lee Ji Eun told you can eye makeup makes you look spirit, but also miss the lipstick put gas giant effect. Life always painted a big red lipstick the 5 most fire red and perhaps not all your lips in the love that one of the most commonly used, but it is the one that you must have. In the upgrading of ultrafast lip color, red fire N years the heat is still unabated, the reason is very simple: you have painted it, the atmosphere immediately, it is easier to remember. Although "Guo Jizhang" has now become a soft and gentle "wake up mom", but still cannot resist the temptation of lips. During the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival is repeatedly to lip appearance. Do you know the fashionable people love red, such as our supermodel Liu Wen. Don’t think red is only suitable for older people, you see 90 flowers Dongyu Zhou painted up is also nice to fly. Don’t think that there can be only applied to red aura, also like Ma Sichun sweet. Chanel coco Mademoiselle Chanel (#444) RMB 320 3.5G many girls have a Chanel plot, not only fashionable bag even on makeup too. Chanel coco lip balm to do a new upgrade, add three moisturizing effect, moisture degree increase, so that you paint more smoothly. A single hand to open the test Coco Ms. Chanel know the importance of lipstick for women, so each 2.55 handbags, there will be a minimum clip bag design, only to put a lipstick can not be separated from the body. When you want to go out when a lipstick makeup is smooth with one hand, it is very important to open. The effect of the test as a lipstick is nothing more important than the color it is painted on the lips, and the color of most lipstick is not "what you see is what you get."相关的主题文章: