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The ten most congested high-speed Guangdong accounted for 6 – Beijing Yangcheng Evening News reporter Ma exhibition reports: yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival holiday second days, according to the Guangdong traffic group monitoring showed that at least 11 province high-speed congestion. Today, Guangdong expressway will usher in the return traffic test. According to the Ministry of transportation and historical data show that the first ten has 6 high-speed congestion in Guangdong, Guangzhou city highway is in the "blocking the king". Today will be staged Mid Autumn Festival holiday return peak, if the owners do not want to "people in the way?", I would be a bit of thought. Yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival holiday second days, Guangdong province highway traffic group Monitoring Center released information indicating that the Humen bridge, Hiroka, Buddha, Guang Zhao, Guangzhou Zhuhai east, Shenyang, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, bossun, Jiang He, Hui River, Hui salt section of Shenzhen a total of 11 road traffic control or congestion. 8 last night, the reporter consulted "Guangdong traffic" WeChat public number, Hui salt section of Shenzhen to the Netherlands, the Meizhou high speed bend direction to the east direction, Yanba high-speed to Yantian direction, Guangfo high-speed direction, sand to the West Coastal Expressway to Yi Dong and Humen bridge to the direction of horizontal and vertical direction of sand, too south of Guangzhou fast to the new direction of long steel in the "severe congestion level". But overall, the next day after the holiday congestion is still less than the high speed Qingming Festival, May Day holiday and other holidays. According to CCTV reported yesterday, the Ministry of transportation according to the historical data to predict, by the Mid Autumn Festival travel peak, today 15:00-18:00 around the high-speed traffic will again increase the city into the city to the direction of high speed prone to congestion. According to historical data, ten highway before the Mid Autumn Festival holiday the most congested, Guangzhou city highway rankings ranked first, second, third, fourth respectively, Dongguan Shenzhen Expressway, Guangzhou Shenzhen and Guangzhou beltway, i.e. four from Guangdong. Ranked fifth to tenth were Tong Yan high-speed Jingtonggaosu + + six ring, high speed, high speed, wide open chengmian Su Jiahang high-speed, Chengdu Beltway and Foshan expressway. Therefore, the country’s top ten among the top, there are actually in Guangdong on the 6. According to the Ministry of transport had forecast, Naka Akimi holiday, Beijing, Beijing Tibet, Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou Shenzhen, Guang Shen, and Shanghai Kunming, Chengdu Chongqing, Hangzhou beltway, Yinchuan Expressway 10 key city high-speed traffic is large. Among them, Guangzhou Shenzhen, Shen Hai, Beijing, such as Guangdong Daguang high-speed or through Guangdong. According to the forecast, 17 days before and after 17:00 traffic will become larger.相关的主题文章: