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Talk about world hearthstone Gosu top 20 players – Sina no Chinese hearthstone area can be described as "sound of firecrackers in the year, a new generation of replace the old character, can not bear to read Gosu hearthstone world rankings, which is upside down! There is no doubt that the new forces continue to rise, but also is "who knows the old man cried", on the other hand, the dress has poor performance, it is because of participating in international competitions less? Like Xixo, SuperJJ and other new status hot recently, occupy the front position. The former leader leader ThijsNl has dropped out of the top ten, and like Stancifka, Lifecoach and other more familiar with the players is stable, firmly occupy the top ten positions! Of course, there are some not too familiar with the new lead to obtain a higher ranking, in short, overall speaking of change is still quite large. Luck is an aspect of the game, but it has to be said that the player’s status is also a huge factor! Perhaps a lot of players still remember this year’s central European games, the former world’s top eight now only four people, although the ranking may not be able to respond to all, but still has a high degree of persuasion! The former "K God" Kolento recent record is relatively bleak, has dropped nearly 20, it is because of the new environment is not to use the deck? Of course, player rankings and competition in a number have a great relationship, if the recent number of games less, never had the chance to get high score; but if the game more dismal record will naturally fall, greatly divided…… In contrast, serving the country’s top 20 players, the best chicken No one shows any interest in, only ranked twenty-fifth, then Zhang Bo ranked 26, in addition, the "India war" of the JasonZhou ranked forty-ninth, 3 and 50 within the above three is also the only player. And then look back, CL team ranked ninety-fifth in the Breath, and then no longer need to look at the basic…… Have to say, compared with the previous national service players ranking is more likely to be bleak, as mentioned earlier, there must be more reasons. On the one hand, Chinese players can participate in the world series of the channel is not frequent, despite many various events, but may not be able to achieve high points; on the other hand, the stability of national service players is also a major constraint. Although there is no lack of flash flash, but how to maintain long-term competitiveness is a real strong essential! Of course, the 2016 version has a hearth upside down, standard model and the ancient god, Cara praised the two versions have caused a new pattern, a lot of old game player exposed more discomfort. Furthermore, luck high indeed about many game player prospects, but this is inevitable, there is little when the trough, the key is how to face. In the second half, although the Blizzcon is a tournament the highest, currently serving the country has decided the 3 places, to shine service players.相关的主题文章: