Taiwan’s first railway remains submerged in the garbage dump (Figure)-tonya mitchell

Taiwan’s first railway remains submerged in the garbage heap (Figure) original title: Taiwan’s first railway remains submerged in the garbage and mosquitoes coexist (Figure) Taiwan’s first railway remains now become a garbage heap. (Taiwan’s "United Daily News" Shi Hongji photo) in new network on 28 October, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that "Taiwan’s first railway ruins at Taoyuan, but few people know!" Taoyuan city councilman Fan Gangxiang found the remains of a garbage heap, requiring improvement. Taoyuan City Culture Secretary Zhuang Xiumei said, will be the first open penalty management unit of highway administration, and then discussed the future maintenance plan. Highway Administration of Zhongli Public Works section, will be immediately sent to remove debris, and to maintain. But the highway administration also said, wanted to be handed over to the Taoyuan County Government, refused to take over, has not rejected the Bureau of culture management and maintenance. "Such meaningful monuments, now submerged in the garbage, and the coexistence of mosquitoes." Said Fan Gangxiang, the first governor of Taiwan in the Qing Dynasty Liu Mingchuan construction of Taiwan’s first railway, along the Provincial Highway 1 line from Tataocheng to Hsinchu; Cultural Bureau last year was compiled 1 billion 300 million yuan NT budget in Taiwan fifth counties, but the initiative research in historical data collection, and the product is really not extreme. He found the field view only "kulonyet ridge railway bridge" and garbage, flies coexist, no signs, but also after the entry of private land; and the wall beside the bridge abutment second sharp body structural cracks, caving, exposed rebar, monuments have begun to collapse, advice as soon as possible to repair. Many people put the site when the garbage disposal, garbage, the bridge has long been waste and sewage; Fan Gangxiang pointed out that the kulonyet ridge railway was built 17 years Guangxu (1891 AD), has 125 years of history, but in 1907 the Japanese occupation period changed to the railway runs through the road; 1973 Taipei, Taoyuan Taiwan authorities widen between Taiwan 1 a line, only in the Qing Dynasty, the bridge abutment and arch style during the period of Japanese occupation. Taoyuan mayor Zheng Wencan said, kulonyet Ling old railway site is the typical historical assets, highway administration did not fulfill its responsibility for the maintenance, the municipal government will and highway administration project meeting to strengthen management, and the city government will first try to improve the river landscape. Shen Zhixiu, director of the Environmental Protection Bureau, said that the waste and sewage would try to urge the clean-up, or report according to law. Culture Secretary Zhuang Xiumei stressed the first penalty in accordance with the law, and then research on maintenance plan after; will clean up after the first set signs and instructions. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: